LP "How Men Are"

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LP UK Virgin V2326 Sep1984
LP UK Virgin OVED182 ? 19??
MC UK Virgin TCV2326 Sep1984
CD UK Virgin CDV2326 07Jul1987
CD UK Virgin Vault CDV2326 (#10094) 22Feb1994 (Int'l 077778727521)
CD UK Virgin 10094 05May1995
CD UK Virgin Remastered Version 04Aug2006

LP US Arista AL8 8259 1984
CD US Virgin VIR0002326 Jan1999

LP Canada Virgin VL2326 1984

LP Germany Virgin 206614-620 26Nov1984 (Cover a little bit more greenish than the UK version)
MC Germany Virgin 406614-652 26Nov1984

LP Italy (V2326) 1984 Virgin Dischi S.r.l. Distribuzione Dischi Ricordi S.p.a.

UK Studio demo version cassette only available through fan club, tracks unknown

CD Netherlands Musicrama 657302 23Dec1997

And I think, but cannot translate ;-)
LP Japan Virgin 25VB-1005 1984
MC Japan Virgin 25VC-1005 1984

MC 747 Number 9562

1. Five Minutes To Midnight (3:46)
2. Sunset Now (3:35)
3. This Is Mine (3:54)
4. The Fuse (3:05)
5. Shame Is On The Rocks (3:59)
6. The Skin I'm In (3:29)
7. Flamedown (3:00)
8. Reputation (3:03)
9. And That's No Lie (10:02)

Metal statue - photo from booklet
Metal status - photo from booklet

Afrodiziak are: Claudia Fontaine, Caron Wheeler and Naomi Thompson

The Phenix Horns Esquire are: Louis 'Lui-Lui' Satterfield - Trombone, Don Myrick - Saxophones, Michael Harris - Trumpet and Fluegelhorn, Orchestra conducted and arranged by David Cullen

All songs written by Gregory/Marsh/Ware except 'Reputation' which was written by Wilson/Gregory/Marsh/Ware

This album was recorded at CBS and Air Studios and mixed at Air Studios

Produced by B.E.F. and Greg Walsh, Engineered by Greg Walsh and Jeremy Allom

With special thanks to Walter and Bob at CBS; Matt, J.J. Carb; Malcolm and the maintenance staff at Air, Management and spiritual guidance by Keith Bourton of Heavenly Management Ltd.

Cover paintings, photography and conception by Ray Smith

All royalties on the British sales of the track 'Five Minutes To Midnight' shall be donated to the campaign for nuclear disarmament: Heaven 17 say 'No cruise is good news'.

Glenn Gregory - Vocals on all tracks
Martyn Ware - Linndrum programming on all tracks, backing vocals on all tracks except 6, System 100 bass on track 3
Ian Craig Marsh - Fairlight on all tracks, backing vocals on track 1, System 100 on tracks 3, 6
Greg Walsh - Fairlight programming on all tracks, System 100 bass on track 3
David Cullen - Orchestra arrangement on tracks 1, 6, 9
Afrodiziak - Backing vocals on tracks 2, 4, 8, 9
The Phenix Horns Esquire - Horns on tracks 3, 7
Michael Harris - Fluegelhorn on track 3
Ray Russell - Guitar on tracks 5, 7, 9
Nick Plytas - System 100 simulated classical guitar on track 6, Piano on tracks 8, 9
Mo Foster - Fretless bass on track 6
John Wilson - Guitar on tracks 8, 9

Badge on US release

US LP badge

German promo cassette

Back title is written with a typewriter and the photo is glued manually
on the front of the cassette cover

Peter Moore writes thus:

The demo tape for "How Men Are"....this is a demo...sounds raw and home produced. It's really interesting when you compare it with the final embellished product.

Track Listing (these are the original working titles of the album tracks):
"Totgagol", "Jazz Song", "Bloodfeud", "Starwalk", "Strangetales", "Evereddi", "Commador", "Itser", "Recharge"

747 cassette Release by "747" inlcudes the following tracks
  • Sunset Now
  • The Fuse
  • Shame is on the rocks
  • Five Minutes to Midnight
  • Come live with me
  • Lady Ice and Mister Hex
  • Let Me Go
  • Penthouse And Pavement
  • The Skin I'm In
  • Flamedown
  • Reputation
  • That's No Lie
  • This Is Mine

Remastered version 2006

How Men Are Remastered

  1. Five minutes to midnight
  2. Sunset now
  3. This is mine
  4. The fuse
  5. Shame is on the rocks
  6. The skin I'm in
  7. Flamedown
  8. Reputation
  9. And that's no lie
  10. This is mine (Cinemix)
  11. And that's no lie (Remix)
  12. Counterforce 2
  13. Sunset now (Extended)