Heaven 17 (Live at The Jazz Cafe) Double CD

Released 03Sept2015
CD Tracklist
  1. Best Kept Secret
  2. Pray
  3. A Crow And A Baby
  4. Geisha Boys And Temple Girls
  5. Trouble
  6. Play To Win
  7. Come Live With Me
  8. Contenders
  9. You've Lost That Loving Feeling
  10. Illumination
  11. Fascist Groove Thang
  12. Dive
  13. And That's No Lie
  14. Sunset Now
  15. Let Me Go
  16. Boys Keep Swinging
  17. Penthouse And Pavement
  18. Temptation
  19. Circus Of Death
  20. Party Fears Two
  21. Being Boiled
message from Glenn and Martyn:

NEW! Heaven 17 CD- Live at The Jazz Cafe 2015 Well, we had a Heaven 17 party and it was fun! To all the lovely people that came to either or both of the Jazz Cafe gigs we told you that we were recording the concert and you made a lot of noise... Well we have mixed the songs and the very loud audience and the CD is finally ready. It will be available at future Heaven 17 gigs and is already at the Heaven 17 shop. It is a double CD with a booklet of fan photographs. So if you were there and want to see if you can hear yourself shouting - or if you weren't there and want to know what you missed - go and order the CD! xx