MIXTURE This section contains information about all other formats of releases, e.g. videos, the anonymous Heaven 17 = Hillsboro' Crew, Sounddiscs and documentations.

Afterhere Find some information about Glenn and Berenices side project here.

B.E.F. Here you can find information about any release related to B.E.F.

SIDE PROJECTS + COLLABORATIONS The members of Heaven 17 have done a lot beside working with this band. This section contains some but not all information about some of these side projects, which records they have produced etc.

HONEYROOT + REPETITION See what Glenn is currently doing and what his wife had done.

TRIBUTE TO Heaven 17 has produced some songs in dedicated tribute albums, here are the relevant details.

COMPILATIONS A huge but always incomplete list on which compilations you can find Heaven 17 songs

COVER VERSIONS Some songs of Heaven 17 have been played by other musicians. See who tried what...

ANOTHER HEAVEN 17 BAND In the past there was another band with the name "Heaven 17". Not much to see here, but anyway....