Another "Heaven 17" band

Heaven Seventeen - Somethings's wrong

From the Heaven 17 discography by A.Walbohm:

Peter Moore explains:

"Something's Wrong" 7" flexi disk with Fanzine is definitely not the Heaven 17 we know. I have this at home...its a raw, indie style recording by a band that was around the time Glenn, Martyn & Ian were forming the more famous band with the same name. I have lots of cuttings from the music press, and there was talk of the other Heaven Seventeen taking "our" Heaven 17 to court for stealing their name.

The lesser known Heaven Seventeen claimed that "our" band would have got the idea for a band name from their concert adverts posted around Sheffield at that time ("our" Heaven 17 were based in Sheffield, and would have seen the posters).

Legally, they mustn't have had a leg to stand on...we all know that Glenn, Martyn & Ian were fans of the film / book "Clockwork Orange"..."Heaven 17" was the name of a fictitious band that was playing in the book / film.

SOUNDS 11April1981 explains:

Lost souls in Heaven

HEAVEN DISSENT: Never mind about BEF's Heaven 17 getting the thumbs down from the Beeb - a message has been received from another Heaven 17, who hail from Bradford and claim to have recorded/gigged under the name for well over a year. As proof, they say the name appeared in local rockzine Wool City Rocker in 1979, and a special flexi-disc, made in 1980, has just been issued with the February edition of WCR. "They obviously thought we were small, with no media backing," explained the 'originals', "just a sad provincial band - no way, we have a large following up here and the work we have put in has been screwed up. Virgin Records have our video and demos and have been aware of our existence."

Posters for the 'real' band are splattered over West Yorkshire, leading them to conclude that this is how Marsh and Ware came upon the name. Playing to audiences who want autographs and who ask how Phil is getting on is becoming tiresome for the miffed Bradfordians. Although the non-BEF variety can do nothing if they didn't register their name, they wouldn't mind some kind of compensation for the inconvenience caused. Cheques, apologies; etc, should go to Heaven 17, 33 Cliffe Lane South, Basildon, Shipley, W. Yorks.

Wool City Rocker Issue 12

UK Lyntone Recordings /
Bubastis Records
LYN9296 1980

(photo from an Ebay auction)