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Gregory and Lowndes

Honeyroot CD cover

  • Losing My Mind
  • Sunrise Sunset
  • Sweet As Honey
  • French Theme
  • State of Mind
  • Falling
  • Sound Echo Location
  • Starshine
  • Blue Space
  • Summer Sky

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The next Just Music release on March 3rd, through the Absolute Zero imprint, will be HONEYROOT'S SOUND ECHO LOCATION.

Honeyroot is a collaboration between early electronica pioneers, Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17) and Keith Lowndes (ABC). It is beautifully crafted album, a sensuous blend of contemporary electronica and real instruments and voices with the effortlessly evocative feel of a film score. In a few weeks time you will be able to hear for yourselves from the audio clips which will be up on site that SOUND ECHO LOCATION is an album of heart and passion that simply oozes class and hypnotic melody.

Don't take our word for it - come back soon, listen and enjoy... (you can email your pre orders to justmusic@justmusic.co.uk)

Press info:

Q - What is Honeyroot?

A - Well its many things and its a sexual thing....

lf Summer seems a distant memory then bring back a little warmth to your speakers, kick back, relax, get cosy and prepare to melt. This one's going to make you feel real toastie.

From the first few notes of this CD you find yourself falling into an abyss of pure and utter bliss. lt's in this euphoric state between waking and dreaming, when alt your senses are on fire and your conciousness is far away that you'll find Honeyroot.

Honeyroot are Glenn Gregory & Keith Lowndes, who have become a formidable writing partnership over recent years working with many welt known artists and writing award winning film & Tv scores. Back when Glenn Gregory joined H17 his aim was to make successful respected records that could be played on the radio and in clubs alike. Glenn has achieved that goal many times over and the Honeyroot project looks set not to disappoint.

SOUND ECHO LOCATION is a beautifully crafted album, a sensuous blend of contemporary electronica and real instruments and voices, with the effortlessly evocative feel of a cinematic film score that wilt attract a broad cross of music lovers of alt ages, young and old. From the pioneering simplicity of their electronic roots Glenn and Keith have combined a wealth of talent and experience, surpassing themselves with the birth of Honeyroot's SOUND ECHO LOCATION an album of heart and passion that oozes pure class and hypnotic melody.

lt's a magnificent album that is likely to gain yet more success for the guys and wilt only enhance the respect that exists for these two maestros of electronic music. A few radio friendly edits wilt see that SOUND ECHO LOCATION crosses from the airwaves to club (backroom and main floor) and back again, so get set to start Losing Your Mind in a vast Blue Space, it's as Sweet as Honey.

Sacha Taylor-Cox
Zen Media Management

Review by Volker Büttner

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Update 03Oct2003:

Mail from Glenn:

Hi Thomas

Long time no contact...... Sorry 'bout that. I've been busy with h17 album and also very bloody busy with the Honeyroot stuff. We have been getting the tracks ready for live (what a job) and it's taken us quite some time, but were just about there.

I see from the site that you have been told about the upcoming 93 feet east gig, it should be a really good night.... a few surprises. One of which I thought Imight share with you now. Not even Martyn or ian know about this - yet.

'State Of Mind' the Honeyroot track needed a certain something when we were looking to perform it live and in a moment of blind luck, which i prefer to call genius.... I started to sing 'Fascist Groove Thang' over it. So whadya know here it is Honeyroots 'Fascist State Of Mind'.

I thought you might want to put it on the site, let the fans hear it.... and Martyn and Ian come to that.

Hope to see loads of you at the Honeyroot 93 feet east gig. Let me know what you think to the track.


Concert announcement (click on image)

The new single "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

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  1. Love Will Tear Us Apart 3:52
  2. Sound Echo Location 5:06

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Honeyroot - 'EP1' Quoting Justmusic

Grabbing the baton from Jon Hopkins, who launched Just Music's new download only EP series before Christmas, are Honeyroot with 'EP1' which is out now.

The lead track, Starshine, is already familiar to many having been featured in the global advertising campaign for DKNY's Be Delicious perfume. The EP also features great new mixes from two of the most popular tracks from Honeyroot's debut album, Sound Echo Location - the driving Electroluxx Mix of Falling and the Chiller Mix of Blue Space.

Update 16Feb2006

Newsletter from Justmusic


Work continues on Honeyroot's second album, Stay In Shadow, which is currently scheduled for release at the end of July. As ever, Glenn & Keith have also been busy scoring music for TV so listen out for their compositions on Love Monkey (Sony Pictures) and Ghost Whisperer (CBS) which are currently airing in the US and are expected to reach Europe shortly.

Update 30Aug2007

Newsletter from Justmusic


June 25th saw the release of this sublime double A-side release - the first single from Honeyroot’s second album,
"The Sun Will Come". The lead track is the smooth sultry lounging of Nobody Loves You (The Way I Do),
featuring a beautiful bluesy vocal by Briony Greenhill.

Showing the other face of The Sun Will Come is the instant upbeat sun-kissed classic Heavy Drops. Top remixes
Manhattan Clique take the track up a gear with this sure-fire party anthem for summer 2007.
Heavy Drops is accompanied by a fantastic animated video – see it now at HERE


1. Nobody Loves You (The Way I Do) (Radio Edit)
2. Heavy Drops – Manhattan Clique Remix (Radio Edit)
3. Heavy Drops – Manhattan Clique Extended Remix
4. Heavy Drops (Album Version)

Download the Single pack now at the JUST MUSIC DIGITAL DOWNLOAD STORE

And remember – "The Sun Will Come" is released on 6th August

"There's a gorgeous ambience to the double A-side that you can sense from a mile away, with 'Nobody Loves You' taking that to the extreme
with soft luscious backing sound juxtaposing deliberately against the vocals"
Digital Spy

"Dazzling… This is both the height of fashion and a work of real quality"
HiFi Choice


Update 30Aug2007

Newsletter from Justmusic

Honeyroot "The Sun Will Come"

Honeyroot's prediction rings true today, as The Sun Will Come, their second album on Just Music, is released today in the glorious sunshine!

A classic summer listen from start to end, The Sun Will Come is clearly the kick-start summertime needed to get going...

“A beguiling mix of lush synths and subtle beats…” Music Week

“One of the best albums of the year so far” Future Music

“Superior Electronica…. Blissful dreamscapes” Sunday Express

"Their new album goes beyond being described as good and enters the realm of the amazingly sublime. 6/7" One Week To Live

“A modern day soul record in the cutest disguise you’ll ever come across - 7/8” M8 Magazine

“Absolutely gorgeous, make sure you get the album” Janice Long

“There is nothing bad about this album, it is a work of calculated genius” Subba Cultcha.com

“Quite Simply Dazzling. A Hi-Fi treat” Hi Fi Choice

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Released in 2008 at Edel-Records

  1. Where I Belong (Single Version) 4:14
  2. Where I Belong ('08 Soulkiss Remix) 4:14
  3. Where I Belong (North & South Remix) Radio Edit 4:14
  4. Where I Belong (North & South Remix) Full Length5:33
  5. Where I Belong (North & South Remix Dub) Full Length 5:29

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Available for Download at iTunes

  1. It's All Good
For further details see Justmusic or see video at YouTube