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  • 7"
    • I'm Your Money (3:30)
    • B.E.F. Ident (0:30)
    • Are Everything (4:25)

    UK Virgin VS417 May1981

  • 12"
    • I'm Your Money (5:00) (label says incorrect 5:42)
    • B.E.F. Ident (0:30)
    • Are Everything (4:25)

    UK Virgin VS417-12 May1981


Heaven 17 are: Martyn Ware - synthesizers + backing vocals, Ian Craig Marsh - synthesizers, Glenn Gregory - vocals
Backing vocals: Huanita Rana Martinez, Christopher Umfreville Wilkinson, Kurt Von Rauchwitz, Elzunia Kardasinska
Accoustic Guitar on "Are Everything": David Lockwood
Cutting at Tape 1: Dennis Blackham

"Are Everything" is written by The Buzzcocks member Pete Shelley.

Im Your Money - Front

Im Your Money - Back

'I'm Your Money' was Heaven 17's following their statement of intent 'We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang'. Everything from the cover inwards suggested the path that the 'pop' offshoot of the British Electric Foundation was going to take. Nice suits, carefully posed 'relaxed' corporate photoshoots and a song about the iniquities of the capitalist system. Or something. I've never quite worked that one out. It's not a particularily strong song, especially after 'Groove Thing' but it's OK for all that.

The b-side is probably more interesting in that it's a cover of the then only just released 'Are Everything', the last single by The Buzzcocks, apparently recorded for BEF's 'Music of Quality and Distinction' project but omitted from the released version. Were there other covers that were rejected and lie in the BEF's valuts, along with the never to be released 'Golden Years of The Future' compilation of pre-Human League work?