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  • 7"
    • This Is Mine (3:20)
    • Skin (3:40)

    UK Virgin VS722 Oct1984
    Germany Virgin 106908-100 1984
    Australia Virgin VS722 reprinted by Warner Bros. Music
    (This version has got a problem, because the cover lists "This Is Mine" and "Mine", but the single itself is "This Is Mine" and "Skin". I think they reprinted the cover of the maxi)

  • 12" (Black version with poster)
    • This Is Mine (Extended) (5:30)
    • Skin (3:40)
    • Mine (5:10) (Instrumental version of "This Is Mine")

    UK Virgin VS722-12 Oct1984
    Germany Virgin 601538-213 1984

  • 12" (White version)
    • This Is Mine (Filmix) (7:18)
    • This Is Mine (Cinemix) (7:25)
    • Skin (3:40)

    UK Virgin VS722-13 1984
    Germany Virgin 601609-213 1984

  • 12"
    • This Is Mine (Filmix) (7:18)
    • This Is Mine (Radio Version) (3:20)
    • This Is Mine (Cinemix) (7:25)

    US Arista AD9306 1984
    US Arista ADP9306 promo 1984


Glenn Gregory: lead vocals, backing vocals
Martyn Ware: Linndrum programming, Backing vocals, System 100 bass
Ian Craig Marsh: Fairlight programming, System 100 bass

The Phenix Horns Esquire: Horns
Michael Harris: Flugelhorn solo
Don Myrick: Tenor solo

Produced by Martyn Ware for B.E.F. and Greg Walsh
Another B.E.F. production

Photograph of Glenn Gregory by Mike Prior - special thanks to No.1 Magazine

This Is Mine UK - Front
This Is Mine UK - Back
This Is Mine US - Front
This Is Mine US - Back