Higher and Higher - In their own words

Martyn Ware on CD "Higher and Higher"

Making music is a funny thing, you start off with the best intentions - sometimes you eat the bear and other times the bear eats you. I started eating the bear in 1978 with the Human League, furiously striding up the down escalator of musical trends, insisting it was possible to create pop music only using pure electronic sources.

We could not synchronize our synthesizers for love nor money, and there were no ready-made sounds, just fascinating accidents, at this, the dawn of popular electronic music, we made bass drums, snares, hi-hats, tympani, strings, double basses, explosions, 1000 people clapping, trains, circuses and rockets all from two oscillators and a white noise generator. Ah, the power of the human imagination, of course, none of it actually sounded anything like we thought it did, but we were happy.

Then came Heaven 17, and we applied some of our eccentric theories to our real love, which was soul and funk. I can honestly say that we didn't have the faintest clue what we were doing or how we were achieving it, but it was definitely new and exciting, and it sounded like non-one else.

Since then we've acquired a greater understanding of our chosen genre, especially through my outside productions with Terence Trent D'Arby, Tina Turner and particularly the great soul artist I had chance to work with on the second B.E.F. album. I've now released that electronic sound sources are the best used as a seasoning and not the main ingredient of what I do - there is no replacement for the accidental inspiration of musicians playing and interacting simultaneously. Now we can take the best that performers have to offer and improve on it.

So, we move onwards the 21st century, still having as much as fun as ever. In this exciting world of random changes and unexpected events, I can only hope and pray that we don't et eaten by the bear.

Ian Craig Marsh on CD "Higher and Higher"

Deeply disturbed by the demise of Heaven 17, Ian changed his name to Trinity and joined 'Forward Fifties' - the evangelical arm of riotintommizicinc. He is now working in the community spreading the word about technocentrism.

Glenn Gregory on CD "Higher and Higher"

It's not over yet.