Heaven 17 and The Human League share the same story for their early days: Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh were the founder members of both groups!

Ian, born on 11 November 1956, and Martyn, born on 19 May 1956, are both from Sheffield. They shared an interest in making electronic music and in 1977 they formed theHuman League with Phil Oakey. They released two albums and five singles up to 1980, and were on the threshold of making the big time when arguments split the group in October of that year. Ian and Martyn left Phil Oakey and Adrian Wright to set up The British Electric Foundation (BEF) which was a record production company.

BEF asked photographer Glenn Gregory, born in Sheffield on, 16 April 1958, to be vocalist and formed Heaven 17 (the name comes from a fictitious band in the nightmarish adult film Clockwork Orange). Their first release came in March 1981 with the single (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang, which didn't do well but Heaven 17 battled on. In April '83 with Temptation, singer Karol Kenyon complemented Glenn's booming voice and Heaven 17 had a huge hit on their hands. Then their second album, The Luxury Gap, did equally well and success was consolidated with their second hit Come Live With Me, followed by Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry.

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