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Glenn Gregory

Birth date: 16 May 1958
Birthplace: Sheffield
Parents (?): Pauline and Howard Gregory
Nickname: "The Duke" (referring to Terence Trent D'Arby introducing The Hardline)

Married from 1983 (?) for three years with "Allez Allez" former singer Sarah Osbourne.

Baby boy Gabriel born 22Jan98

Ian Craig Marsh

in former times : former times ...

Birth date: 11 Nov 1956
Birthplace: Sheffield
Star sign : Scorpio
Parents (?): Sheila and Bill Marsh
Nickname: "Psycho" (referring to Terence Trent D'Arby introducing The Hardline (because he is not mentioned))
Ian bought a D.I.Y Synthesizer kit from a magazine and this was his first synthesizer. Ian also had a mail order fortune telling business. Ian has worked as a computer programmer, this is how he met Martyn Ware. Ian was also one of the original founding members of the Human League. Ian left the band in 1980 with Martyn Ware to form Heaven 17.

Martyn Ware

in former times : former times...

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 12 St.
Star sign: Taurus
Birth date: 19 May 1956
Birthplace: Sheffield
Parents (?): Kitty and Jack Ware
Ambition: To produce a David Bowie record
Turn-ons: Successfully completed work on tape, sun, foreign countries, new friends
Turn -offs: Negative attitudes, nostalgia, snobbishness, arguments, the word 'Art'
Favourite food: Japanese, Indian
Preferred performers: David Bowie, Malcolm McDowell, Robert DeNiro,Tony Benn, Karen Ware
Favourite song: We'v lost that loving feeling
All time favourite song: Beethoven's Choral Symphony
Favourite pastime: Humorous and intelligent conversation
Best films: A Clockwork Orange, 2001
Favourite reading matter: Royalty statements
Favourite outfit: 1940's Saville Row suit
Perfect evening: Cocktails, Japanese meal, a few friends, videos, fun relaxation and bed
Desert island companion: My wife, Karen
Best and worst characteristics: Very intelligent and modest, occasionally overweight
Like to be reincarnated as: Caligula
Secret: The British Electric Foundation is an organisation devoted to Communist subversion
Nickname: "Teddy Bear" (referring to Terence Trent D'Arby introducing The Hardline)
Artists he had been working for: Alison Moyet, B.E.F., Billy MacKenzie, Dan Hartman, Erasure, Heaven 17, Human League, Jill Jones, Joe Roberts, Lena Fiagbe, Marc Almond, Paul Weller, Pauline Henry, Scritti Politti, Tashan, Terence Trent D'Arby, Tina Turner
Martyn was one of the original founding members of the Human League. His philosophy was to create music by electronic means only. Martyn has worked as a computer programmer. He was in a band called the "The Dead Daughters" with Ian Craig Marsh, which later became known as "The Future" and evolved into "The Human League". Martyn left "The Human League" in 1980 and went onto form Heaven 17.

Supports the football club Sheffield Wednesday

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Glenn Gregory self portrait
"Glenn Gregory" self portrait in
"Smash Hits" September 1983
Metal statue
Metal statue (from LP How Men Are)
Glenn Gregory

Some more info from "LOOK 10", No.38 15Sept1984

Interesting how things differ ;-)

Name: Ian Craig Marsh

Birthdate: 11 November, 1956

Birthplace: Sheffield

Birthsign: Scorpio

Height: 1.73m (5ft 8in)

Weight: 61 kg (133lb)

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Hazel

Education: Myers Grove Comprehensive

Home: Notting Hill Gate, London

Family details: One only (!)

Hobbies: Rock climbing and sailing my radio controlled yacht

Pets: None

Married: No

Favourite groups: None

Favourite food: None

Favourite drink: None

Previous jobs: Computer operator

Previous groups: Human League

First record ever bought: Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

Favourite record: Here They Come, Ten Years After

Favourite own record: Lady Ice And Mr Hex

Favourite TV show: Bergerac, Money Programme

Childhood hero: Popeye and Snow White

Superstitions: Getting any tubes on the Northern Line

Likes: Me

Dislikes : Anyone else

Ambition : To meet someone I like

Name: Glenn Peter Gregory

Birthdate: 16 May, 1958

Birthplace: Sheffield

Birthsign: Taurus

Height: 1.88m (6ft 2in)

Weight: 79kg (175lb)

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue/green

Education: Shiregreen Infants, Hinde House Comprehensive

Home: London

Family details: Mum and Dad

Hobbies: None

Pets: Two dogs: Rosie, a whippet, and a Yorkshire Terrier called Rita

Married: Yup!

Favourite groups: I'm easy

Favourite food: Italian

Favourite drink: Tea, Wards Sheffield bitter

Previous jobs: Photographer, trainee manager at the Co-Op

Previous groups: 57 Men and countless others

First record ever bought: Top Of The Pops compilation

Favourite record: Rip It Up And Start Again, Orange Juice

Favourite own record: Lady Ice And Mr Hex

Favourite TV show: Anything

Childhood hero: Thor

Superstitions: None

Likes: Messing about

Dislikes: Other people messing me about

Ambition: Not to have to worry

Name: Martyn Ware

Birthdate: 19 May, 1956

Birthplace: Sheffield

Birthsign: Taurus

Height: 1.78m (5ft 10in)

Weight: 79kg (175lb)

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Dark brown

Education: King Edward VII School, Sheffield

Home: A flat in central London

Family details: Mum, Dad, two sisters and one brother

Hobbies: Computers, cats, videos, hooks

Pets: Kinski, a cat who's godfather to Glenn's two dogs

Married: Yes

Favourite groups: Department S, any Irish music

Favourite food: Pot Noodles

Favourite drink: Cocktails

Previous jobs: Trainee manager at the Co-Op, computer operator

Previous groups: Human League

First record ever bought: Pretties For You, Alice Cooper

Favourite record: Low, David Bowie

Favourite own record: Let Me Go

Favourite TV show: The Young Ones

Childhood hero: None

Superstitions: None

Likes: Most things

Dislikes: Pop stars who take themselves seriously

Ambition: To be taken away by a UFO!