22Mar2019Added a lot of pictures from the CD box and the RSD release of BTA
Jan2019See all details of the three versions available at Amazon UK: Vinyl, SIGNED and NORMAL
Feb2017These days (and its predecessor as subpage at is up for 20 years !
15Nov2015Added some very old Heaven 17 Plan material sent in by Bernd Mlitzko. See "Multimedia / Other photos / Fan club"
03Sep2015Live recoding CD from the Jazz Cafe gigs this year is ready.

It is not the release we waited for, but still I'd like to list this as a full release.

Oct2014During the tour our band is selling the first 12" from the new album with new material "Illumination" and "Pray". See "Discography / Singles" for more details.
01Feb2014...not much news around these days, I think the rumours about an new album hit the streets almost 4 weeks ago
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