30Nov2002 "Made in Sheffield"

A DVD version of this interesting movie will be available shortly. See for details.

07Nov2002 NEW CD

According to email from Stephen Budd Management the new CD will be out January/February.

No more details known yet.

27Oct2002 Heaven 17 will have a new song being released on Ninth Wave Records
21Sep2002 and Remember the 80s: Archive HUMAN LEAGUE recordings are to be released shortly as reported here a couple of weeks ago, however there have been some delays to the releases. The Black Melody record label will now be releasing a 12 inch single in mid to late September as a sampler for the album, a compilation of previously unreleased early recordings by The Future and Human League, which will now be available in early October. There will also be a launch party for the release on October 5th at London's The Verge in Kentish Town Road.
15Aug2002 Info by Stephen Budd Management about CONFIRMED tour dates :

  • 26th August - Leeds - Jumping Jacks with Howard Jones
  • 27th August - Swansea - Jumping Jacks with Then Jerrico
  • 12th Sept - Chicago Rock Cafe Northants
  • 28th Sep Milton Keynes Sanctuary with ABC / Katrina
09Aug2002 is preparing a 12" + a CD with early Human League songs. For details please check the site itself.
30Jun2002 Info from Mark Finnigan +Andy Millington

...thought you would like to know about a film called 'Made In Sheffield' which tells the story of the Sheffield music scene in the late 70s and early 80s. Obviously the early Human League are covered and it features interviews with future Heaven 17 member Martyn Ware plus tells the story of the Human League when Martyn and Ian were involved. (...) as well as Cabaret Voltaire, Vice Versa/ABC, 2.3, Artery, etc....Some great archive footage and interviews. Well worth a purchase.

The film will probably not be shown on TV so it is getting a limited video release of a 1000. It can be purchased from the site or from good Sheffield record shops such as Record Collector, Rare & Racey or Fopp.

28Apr2002 Info from David Massey

Heaven 17 will appear in the Chester Music Festival 26th July 2002. For more details to follow see page "Tour 2002".

05Apr2002 Question from Haiminh

...have you had any news regarding a programme in the UK called 'Shoulderpads'? It was dedicated to 80's music (and fashion ot a certain extent), and apparantly featured Heaven 17 and their trademark business suits. I didn't actually see it, but I heard from a friend about it.

03Apr2002 Info from Glenn

Just thought I'd let you know a bit about 'Music Don't Stop' the track that's coming out in Germany on Jive

It's a track that took a strange route to get to be made. Steve bud (H17 manager) passed a backing track on to me that had three different songs on top of it, with a view to me singing one of them. I liked the track but not so much the melodies or lyrics, so decided to start afresh and with the help of Keith Lowndes write a new tune to the backing track. It turned out really well and before you know where you are it's Goldpeople Feat Glenn Gregory.

The tracks really good, it comes out on the 15th of April (Germany). What's strange is that after we wrote a new tune for the track Goldpeople remixed it so I have the only copy of the original tune.

I hope you like it.
Later Glenn

30Mar2002 Info from Martyn

No real news about "Before/After", still deciding which company to release the CD.

29Mar2002 New live gig !!!

School disco gig with the Human League in Bournemouth on the 13th April

17Mar2002 E-lectric reports of a new project with Glenn Gregory. Release date planned 15Apr2002.
If you can't read German : cooperation with dance-project Goldpeople, style: danceable house
Robert Sommerville had a poll on his website, searching for an additional song to be played live. "SUNSET NOW" was the favourite. He asked Martyn if there's a chance and read Martyn's reply : "It has been in the back of our minds – it’s finding the time to do it, as we’re all involved in outside projects at the moment. Also, we’d like to do more of the new album live."
DON'T FORGET : 19-22Apr2002 : Heaven 17 at Butlins Somerwest World in Minehead
29Jan2002 Volker Büttner sent some more collages, see his page here
28Jan2002 New article on the web about Martyn and his current work. See for details.
27Jan2002 Info from Martyn

Vince and myself have written a suite of music to which a ballet will be performed by members of the Royal Ballet in the Clore Theatre in the Royal Opera House on Feb 5th and 6th (world premiere).

A few tickets are still available from the ROH box office on 020 7304 4000. Ask for tickets to the Vanessa Fenton piece ‘Knots’.

25Jan2002 Info from Dave Richards

USA: There is a new sitcom here on Fox TV called "That '80s Show" (same producers as That 70s Show). Tonight was the first show. It opened in a dance club and what were they dancing too? Heaven 17's "Let Me Go!"

21Jan2002 Robert Sommerville started a poll on his website, see section "And That's No Lie" for details
10Jan2002 Info from Berenice Hardman

Glenn has very kindly agreed to appear at our weekend Event (25th to 28th Jan) performing at both the songwriters session on the Saturday afternoon, where he will be talking (along with other guests such as Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy and Mark Brzezicki, Big Country) about the songwriter's craft, and at the evening performance that day where it's intended to perform Temptation, and possibly some other Midge/Glenn tracks!!

... and the new exclusive CD release, which contains previously unreleased material written by Midge and Glenn. This CD is called "Little Orphans" and can be bought in Midge's shop.

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