11Oct2004 Mail from Gabriel

Hello friends of Heaven 17, my name is Gabriel and I live in the city of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. Here in my country i work like a d.j. from 8 years ago in a radio station called " Signos F.M. 97.5 Mhrtz ( and I have my own show about all kind of Electro Music. The name of my program, in this radio station is " Sin Sentido" and I play EBM, Dark Wave and Industrial Music. I play bands like Front 242, And One, F.L.A and many more. I really like your great and excellent work and I like to have any material of the Band to my show. ...
Gabriel Tula

12Sep2004 Info by Volker Büttner

There's a new release called "DAC empfehlen: Advanced Electronics Vol. 3" planned for 25Oct2004 which includes

- Replicant feat. Glenn Gregory - X-Posed (Edit)

11Aug2004 Mail from Paris at Groovescooter Records

...there's a new version of Heaven 17's 'Temptation' which has just been released on the album 'Re-fashioned 2 - British Airwaves' by Australian artist The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T.

It's released on Groovescooter Records [] and is available on-line at Crispy Disc [] for fans.

Other artists from the period covered on the album include: Shriekback, Depeche Mode, Japan, David Sylvian/Ryuichi Sakamoto, Fun Boy Three, UB40, Special AKA, Bronski Beat and the Eurythmics.

Ciao, Paris

Groovescooter Records PO Box 127 Edgecliff NSW 2027 Sydney Australia tel: [+61 2] 93639417 email: The Groovescooter Show : Tuesday Nights 6 - 7.30 Eastside Radio 89.7fm Sydney The Album Show : Wednesdays midday - 1pm FBI 94.5fm Sydney

11Aug2004 Mail from Mark:

Need to clear out….. This is my private collection and whilst there are no suprises there might be some scarce items…..

  • Heaven 17 And that’s no lie (#5) VS740-13 12" Number 5 of a series of 5
  • Heaven 17 Come live with me VS607-12 12" $79
  • Heaven 17 Crushed by the wheels of industry VS628-12 12"
  • Heaven 17 Penthouse & Pavement V2208 LP
  • Heaven 17 Penthouse & Pavement VS455-12 12"
  • Heaven 17 Sunset Now VS708-12 12" five track
  • Heaven 17 Temptation VS570-12 12"
  • Heaven 17 This is mine VS722-12 12" black sleeve cw poster
  • Heaven 17 This is mine VS722-13 12" white sleeve filmix version?
  • Higher and Higher CD Virgin V2717

Cheers Mark

Please mail Mark directly at mh(underscore)rubydog04(at)

14Jun2004 Mail from Juan Rebenaque

... You can see the new about Heaven 17 new album at Zona Musical ( ...

08May2004 Info from Susie Sandford Smith

Website will be up after May and the album will be released in August.

Some details about the album on it's detail page.


  • DVD "Made in Sheffield" is available. Buy at their website
  • Release party : TODAY !!!!!!!
    London: 26.04.04
    Electric Dreams, Gossips Club, 69 Dean Street, Soho, London, W1
    Live music: excellent Sheffield band - Yamaguchi
    DJ's include Ian-Craig Marsh from Heaven 17 and other special guests.
21Apr2004 See fan cover suggestions for "Before/After" here


First artwork of "Before/After" showed up. Thanks to John for his mail, but we both can't prove if it is a fake or real !

29Apr2004: Dave Richard adds: this was the original design, not certian if still being used....

Haiminh adds : ... Read through my conversation with Martyn on the 2003 News page about Heaven 17 album cover artwork; where he says that the Before and After artwork is based on September 11 and is designed by Malcolm Garrett (a respected British graphic designer, also repsonsible for various Heaven 17 single covers). I'll let you make up your own minds...

For an example of Garrett's work see

As it is most probably related : the official heaven 17 site is going to show up sooner or later : Thanks to N.J. !

24Mar2004 On Tuesday 27th April, "Nuromantic" the popular synthpop-retro-electro night will be hosting the Northern launch party for the DVD release of "Made In Sheffield". The film, as you may well know, is a documentary that charts the evolution of Sheffield's music scene between 1977 and 1982 and includes exclusive footage of The Human League, Cabaret Voltaire, ABC, Heaven 17, and others. Having already enjoyed a successful video release, the film gains a DVD release in April, and the makers will be hosting both a Sheffield and a London launch party.

The Sheffield event will see special guest bands including Kings Have Long Arms and Starbase 109, performing live, plus very special guest DJs (including Steve Singleton (ABC), Nigel Humberstone (In The Nursery), and others tbc. All this, plus the usual full night of synthpop fun and frolics, and even a Sheffield synthpop star or three.... all at the usual Nuromantic venue, The Casbah.

This WILL be a rather super night for fans of the Sheffield synth scene then and now. Open to the public, doors open at 9pm, with a close at around 2am. There will be a door charge only to those who cannot convincigly claim to be (or have been) a Sheffield popstar.

For more info mail: / /

Websites: /

Tim Houtby

For even more info see this PDF-File (64 kb)

14Mar2004 Mail from Haimminh

Just somehting I did when I was bored... here are links to sites that reference our very own Heaven 17:

Nerf Herder's track 'New Wave Girl' on the album American Cheese

Heaven 17 - 'cyber athletics' team; click on 'History' - (no longer on the net)

The Mountain Goats - the lyric in 'Cubs In Five'

Art Of The Mix - read the comments section

Well it was interesting for 5 minutes :o)

27Feb04 Some info related to the replicant : x-posure e.p. (a little late I know ;-) )

guten tag,

wir sind ein label aus dem bereich dance/electro. zu unserem aktuellen release "replicant: x-posure e.p." steuerte u. a. auch glenn gregory ein paar vocals bei.
vielleicht ist das ja eine meldung in deiner news section wert. unser pressetext hängt an.
viele grüsse

German press info in PDF-Format

HEAVEN 17 mainman GLENN GREGORY is featured on a new project Replicant from sometime BOY GEORGE collaborator Kinky Roland. The track featuring Gregory, Exposed, will be the lead track on a single released on February 26th.

david riley

Thanks to Paul, Volker, David and some others for this info !

04Feb2004 In contrast to a mail from 17th January some fans know to report, that...

...Angie Brown took part in the "Identity Parade" round on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, broadcast on BBC2 at 2100 hours on Monday, 2/2/04.

After being identified, the host Mark Lamaar stated that she was currently working with the Stereophonics (ahem..) & Heaven 17, WHO WILL HAVE SOME NEW MATERIAL OUT IN THE SUMMER!

Let's wait for any kind of official confirmation !

Thanks to Haiminh and Paul !

18Jan2003 The DVD release of the rockumentary "made in sheffield" will be in February.

For more details see

17Jan2004 Mail from Tony Camilleri

I've just heard from a mate in the business..I reckons there wil be no Heaven 17 album this year either!
regards Tony


13Jan2004 Mail from Michael A. Jones

Dear Thomas,
I don't normally watch Home Box Office's Sex in the City, but did while in a hotel last week. I believe that the episode was the first for the new season, but I cannot be sure. I am sure that the newspapers have been plugging the show because this is the last season. (In case you do not know, HBO's Sex in the City is a cable drama/comedy that follows the exploits of four women in New York.)

Regardless, I was happy to see that Sunrise/Sunset by Honeyroot was used on the show. I didn't watch the whole thing, so I missed the credits, but I assume that they were credited. As this is Heaven 17 related, I thought I'd send it along.

Happy new year. Mike

11Jan2004 A mail from 2003 which I hadn't mentioned yet:

Mail from Sean 23Nov2003:

...just a quick note to let you know I've done a quick bootleg mix today, mixing "Let Me Go" with Madonna's vocals from "Frozen". If you'd like to hear it, but it was done very quickly!

Best wishes, Sean

01Jan2004 Info from Sean

Hi Thomas,

Visitors to your site might be interested in a Human League-themed night I'm organising to raise money for Cancer Research UK ( on Saturday 10th January 2004.

It will of course include Martyn and Ian's work with the League, Heaven 17, BEF and The Future, and much more.

For full details, see - best wishes for 2004,


still interesting

More new releases coming up:

No more details known yet !

Thanks to Dave for update !

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