27Dec2005 Mail from Justmusic


On Jan 10th a drama documentary will be shown about the Munich Air Disaster and the Busby Babes. The music to the film is both beautiful and moving has been scored by Glenn and Keith.

Have you seen the DKNY ad yet?

We are releasing Starshine in Jan, the next in our series of digital release.

16Dec2005 Mail in a forum from: "martinpercival" <martinpercival(strange sign)yahoo(punkt)com>

Subject: The Scotsman article

Phil's glad to be back - he's only human


I'm only human, of flesh and blood I'm made . . . there must have been a time when that lyric from the Human League's US No 1 (the aptly named Human), seemed incredibly prophetic for lead singer Phil Oakey.

From being in the vanguard of the electronic music revolution of the 80s, the Human League had all but disappeared by the early 90s. And Oakey, who turned 50 last month, admits there were times he despaired of ever performing again, despite a back catalogue of hits that continue to influence the music scene today.

"The Human League never broke up, but basically there was quite a long time when nobody liked us," reflects Oakey ahead of the band's return to the Usher Hall on Tuesday night.

"Grunge had come in and taken over and there was a period from 1989 to 1995-ish when it looked like synthesisers had been a flash in the pan. The whole genre was dismissed as a novelty.

"We just had to get through that period and luckily, we still had our contract with Virgin at that stage and were still selling CDs. But then everyone big has had a period where things have gone pretty badly wrong for them."

Oakey confesses that it was a difficult time him personally and reveals: "There was a fair amount of despair going on then. I sort of had some version of what they used to call a nervous breakdown, where my whole life didn't have an aim.

"I think that's what it was. Because I'd decided not to have children, I'd walk in the house and look at things that I'd bought and wonder 'What am I doing this for?' That came just at the point that it looked like no-one was ever going to like the band again.

"I saw a few psychiatrists, I did the Prozac thing a couple of times, but now I just think it was about getting used to the fact that I was getting older and settling down.

"I've always wanted to fight a bit, I'd never wanted to be comfortable. I found I'd become a person for whom, when I was 22, I maybe would have had contempt."

At 22, Oakey had yet to find fame. But it wasn't far off. Formed in 1978, the Human League originally brought vocalist Oakey together with Ian Craig-Marsh, Martyn Ware and Addy Newton. And it was on the Edinburgh-based independent label Fast Product that they released their first single Being Boiled. It sold 16,000 copies and secured them a tie-in deal with Virgin Records.

"We had a lot of connections with Edinburgh. It was an Edinburgh record label that put our singles out, our manager was there as were most of our crew and my accountant is still based there," recalls the singer whose trademark geometric fringe has long since been replaced by a more easily manageable style - a shaved head.

By 1980 a change of band personnel saw Marsh and Ware depart while Oakey recruited the now familiar faces of Susanne Sulley and Joanne Catherall into the line-up. Bass player Ian Burden and former Rezillos guitarist Jo Callis joined soon after - a short time later they scored their first No 1 as Don't You Want Me? became the biggest-selling UK single of 1981.

"We really were out on a limb. Actually we are still right out on a limb. It's really odd but people still don't know what to do with us or what we are," says Oakey.

"For a couple of albums we were pretty obscure. A lot of people I talk to now think that we always wanted to be like Abba - they didn't even notice the electronics. But the fact is that when we started we were like the electronic Joy Division. We were that leftfield - more like The Cure than Abba.

"We came from the art school side of things and there was a lot of political comment in our songs. But I think our longevity is largely down to the fact that we can go out and perform hit after hit after hit."

Some of those hits include Love Action (I Believe In Love), Mirror Man, Tell Me When, Keep Feeling Fascination, Sound Of The Crowd, Lebanon and in 1984, Oakey's solo release Together In Electric Dreams.

Today, Oakey, Sulley (now 42) and Catherall (now 43) continue to fly the Human League banner to capacity audiences, discovering that nearly three decades on, the music they pioneered is as popular as ever.

"My aim over the last three years has been to make us the best live group there has ever been - but I don't think anyone will ever accept that because we're not rock," says Oakey.

"However, I feel like we've gone as far as we can with our current format and that this will be the last time that we do this.

"As I said earlier, we've always been out on a limb. At the moment we are a pop band that plays all the songs and now I want us to push it somewhere else and bring the mainstream towards us.

"We nearly did - for a couple of years it looked like all the other stuff had been left behind and we were what rock was.

"All the people who six months before would have been laughing at some of the synthy sounds on Don't You Want Me? suddenly went: 'Wow, this is great.'

"We thought we'd beaten rock, beaten the guitarists, but of course we were wrong."

Let battle recommence.

Usher Hall, Lothian Road, Tuesday, 7pm, £20-£22.50, 0131-228 1155

25Nov2005 Mail from Justmusic


The new album is now being written and recorded and will be released in the summer. The first tracks are sounding wonderful and we are very excited that Glenn and Keith are now able to set time aside from their film scoring commitments to work on the album. Watch out for the DKNY ad for the 'Be Delicious' fragrance airing over Christmas, based on Starshine from their album Sound Echo Location.

15Nov2005 Newest Illustriouscompany Newsletter December 2005 (PDF-Format, about 160 kb)

For more information see

17Oct2005 Mail from Justmusic:

Let the summer continue - treat yourself to a copy of the stunning full length

Honeyroot DVD - Vision Echo Location

Exclusively available now at for just £9.99 or as a Special Limited Edition Double Pack with the CD for £15.99

As many of you will already know, Honeyroot is a collaboration between electronica pioneers Glenn Gregory and Keith Lowndes

Sound Echo Location - is a three dimensional album, soulful electronica at its finest, organic and at times nostalgic whilst retaining a contemporary feel, gliding effortlessly from chilled trip hop beats through tranquil ambience to muted drum and bass with layers of acoustic guitar, lavish synth loops, sublime strings and hypnotic vocals.

Vision Echo Location - is full of beguiling, intriguing and organic visual soundscapes. Ten captivating and atmospheric films by BAFTA award winning director James Strong created in perfect synchronicity with each track. A complete visual experience which adds greater depth still to this already beautiful album.

Says director James Strong:

"Glenn and I sat down together and listened closely to every track and came up with an idea for each one that we thought was appropriate and exciting. We didn't have any overriding thematic notions other than a desire to capture the essence or mood of each song, but they had to engage the viewer and each one had to be unique. I shot them on digital video and super eight over the summer of 2004 and slowly the films began to emerge. We wanted a mix of styles, formats and concepts to give the DVD a real eclectic feel, reflecting the breadth of the songs"

'Beguiling, contemporary and frequently sublime' Q Magazine
'Soulful electronica meets blissful beats' Future Music
Atmospheric, beautifully crafted' DJ Magazine
'Sultry, sexy and perfect to unwind to' The Big Chill
It's the most beautiful dvd - and a wonderful addition to your Just Music collection

13Sep2005 Mail from Steve Malins

eMail:=steve.malins (at)

Hi there - some details about the UK release of the new Heaven 17 album - I should have Europe release dates very shortly.

All the best, Steve

Artist: Heaven 17
Album: Before After
Label: B.E.F.
Catalogue No: BEFBA01
Release Date: October 9, 2005

‘Before After is their most romantic album to date . . . Impeccably crafted, musically literate to the point of impertinence but driven by passion, this is so elegant, so intelligent. And you can dance yourself into Accident & Emergency to it.’

John Gill (journalist/novelist)

Heaven 17 release their new album Before After on September 19 on their own B.E.F. label. Pop melody, disco beats, warmth, exquisite design, soul and electro-funk combine to make this their strongest album since Penthouse & Pavement and Luxury Gap. They’ve even resurrected their self-created ’business identity’ British Electric Foundation. To underline the link from past to present to future - the before and after of pop culture, where sometimes the clearest way forward is via a glance in the rear view mirror.

Fronted by the crooning, charismatic ‘Rutger Hauer of pop’ Glenn Gregory, Heaven 17 have one of the most under-rated singers of the last 20 years at their disposal. Meanwhile, Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh have collectively pioneered British synthesizer pop through The Future (The Golden Hour Of The Future), The Human League (Reproduction, Travelogue) and Heaven 17 (Penthouse And Pavement). They are responsible for two of the UK’s greatest ‘electro’ singles - both ‘Being Boiled’ and ‘(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang‘.

They also elevated the role of producer to the level of artist in the 1980s by shaping hits such as ‘Sign Your Name’ with Terence Trent D’Arby and re-launching Tina Turner’s career, initially by working with her on their own B.E.F. compilation, Music Of Quality & Distinction, and then later producing her Top 10 ‘comeback’ hit, ‘Let’s Stay Together‘. They were the Trevor Horns who could make their own great albums and as Uncut magazine once declared, these guys were commenting on ‘80s culture before the decade had fully arrived: ‘Their entire aesthetic predicted the look and sound of the decade. Three Sheffield boys reared on glam, funkadelia and German electronics, using synthesizers instead of guitars, doing Pas not gigs, sporting ponytails and suits, and espousing principles every bit as socialist as the class of 77.’

In recent years Martyn Ware has recorded music with Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Erasure) for art installations including a one-off commission for the Sellafield nuclear power station and explored the realm of 3D sound; the always inventive Ian Craig Marsh has been involved with soundtrack work and Glenn Gregory’s ambient pop group Honeyroot caught a lot of people by surprise with their beautiful version of Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart. Now Heaven 17’s new album arrives as a modern, optimistic, life-affirming pop record with echoes of their best earlier work: their Kraftwerkian sense of balance and melody comes through on the beautifully sung, widescreen electro-ballads ‘Freedom From Love’, ‘Into The Blue‘, ‘What Would It Take’ and ‘Someone For Real’, while the disco pop of ‘Hands Up To Heaven’, ‘I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me’ and the cover of ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ deliver immediate ‘Temptation‘-esque thrills - all packaged with a Malcolm Garrett digi-pack. This stuff will be sounding great for years…..

11Sep2005 Mail from Martyn Ware

Hi All

Future Of Sound 4 is almost here....

The latest in this unmissible series - Art is to Science as Music is to Sound – is only 10 days away - 7-10pm September 22nd

Last year the event sold out – and this year is expected to sell out even quicker, so I strongly urge you to book as soon as you can.

The line up for this years event is the strongest yet, including three new and exciting participants – Brian Duffy, Sarah Angliss and David Bickerstaff (with HMC Medialab) - together with a three-dimensional sound world premiere from Illustrious (Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware) based on the early Human League composition, “Empire State Human’.

The full lineup is on the attached pdf.

Kind regards

Martyn Ware
The Illustrious Company

Info martyn (ahumanreadable-at)

06Sep2005 Big review of BEFORE/AFTER by Volker Büttner written in German
28Aug2005 This is taken from the Summer 2005 newsletter from Illustrious (Martyn Ware and Vince Clarke)

Future of Sound 4 - Art is to Science as Music is to Sound, Royal Institution, 7pm - 10pm, Thursday 22nd September 2005
Fourth lecture in this innovative series - part-lecture, part `hands-on edutainment' evening of examples and discussions featuring the Illustrious 3D sound system in combination with artists and scientic practitioners. Part of the RiArt series - open to all. Booking now at

ID Magazine 25th Anniversary ExhibitionThe Museum of Fashion and Textiles, London
Illustrious have been commissioned to create an immersive soundscape featuring over 50 interviews with famous people from the ID archives, creating a sense of a crowded room full of conversation, in an apparently empty space.

Black Death Exhibition Museum of London, October 2005
Illustrious are currently creating a three-dimensional soundscape based on a dramatisation of events surrounding the Black Death sweeping across Europe. The interactive exhibit, created in collaboration with New Angle, will open as part of the revamped Medieval London Gallery in October 2005.

Cliffs of Mohar Immersive
5.1 soundtrack for interactive cinema composed by Illustrious for Immersion Studios, Toronto and Cliffs Of Moher Exhibition Centre, Co. Clare, Ireland

Empire State Human - The Building  
The world premiere of a new immersive three-dimensional sound art work will be performed as part of FOS4 (see above) - featuring a spatialised narrative based upon an original 1979 Human League track.

And finally ...

Heaven 17's new album 'BeforeAfter'
will finally be available from the first week of September in the shops and on iTunes. Woo-hoo!

Yours Immersively, Martyn Ware

19July2005 From Heaven17 group at Yahoo

Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 20:32:52 +0100
From: Richard Evans <>
Subject: Win VIP tickets to see HEAVEN 17 at London's Hippodrome


For those of you who don't know, Heaven 17 are going to play a PA at the opening night of Rusty Egan's new London club, 'Gold'... and if that's not good enough news on it's own, three lucky winners can win a pair of tickets for the show at this week - one winner getting a pair of VIP tickets, seating in the exclusive VIP area of the club and a free bottle of champagne!

Good Luck! Cheers Richard

ps - don't forget Heaven 17 also have a new and previously unreleased track on the album 'This Is Not Retro' and the track will not be on the band's forthcoming album!

07July2005 From Heaven17 group at Yahoo

Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 16:14:56 -0000
From: "guerue2000" <>
Subject: new CD due Sept 6

Heaven 17 "Before/After"

Release Date Sept 6 2005 more info (go here to pre-order a limited edition of the album)

The godfathers of Dance Pop, Heaven 17, are back with a brand new  album of UK synthfunk.

Going back to their DIY beginnings Heaven 17 got together with Angie Brown and Billie Godfrey and recorded several tracks over the course of 2001. The result of these studio sessions, their first studio album in 8 years, was completed on September 11 2001 the day the New York landscape and psyche was changed forever with the attack on the twin towers.

The name of the album, BeforeAfter, and the artwork refer to this brief moment in time that has had such a profound effect on so many people.

Lead Singer Glenn Gregory puts it succinctly: "An album made with no restrictions, no pressure, no time limits, no interference, no prying ears. Just us, in a studio doing what we enjoy doing best. Creating new Heaven 17 songs."

Heaven 17 was first formed in the early 1980s when the original line of the Human League fell apart. Martyn Ware and Ian Marsh hooked up with childhood friend Glenn Gregory and released their first classic single "(We don't need this) Fascist Groove Thang." UK hits like "Temptation" and " Come Live With Me" followed. The band also hit the US dance charts with hits like "Let Me Go" and "Contenders."

Now they are back with a fresh yet timeless sound.

Album Tracks:

  1. I'm Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me
  2. Hands Up To Heaven
  3. The Way It Is
  4. Freedom From Love
  5. Don't Fear The Reaper
  6. Into The Blue
  7. Deeper and Deeper
  8. What Would It Take
  9. Someone For Real
21Jun2005 - 'The eighties... up to date!'

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6th June 2005

Bursting the eighties-nostalgia bubble!

The hugely successful website - dedicated to reporting on the ongoing careers of the artists who shaped the eighties - has launched its own record label, THIS IS NOT RETRO. The label will echo the aims of the website and specialise in releasing NEW material from the bands and artists who helped define the eighties-era.

The first album release, entitled 'This Is Not Retro - The 80s Up To Date', is a nineteen-track compilation of new and recent material - including SEVEN tracks commercially available for the first time - from nineteen of the eighties’ most enduring acts, and will be released on 4th July 2005.

As a special thank you to visitors to THIS IS NOT RETRO will be producing a limited edition of the album which will feature uniquely personalised album artwork for anyone pre-ordering a copy of the CD. Personalised copies will be available for pre-order for a 2 week period from 15th June 2005 - full details will be on the website at

'This Is Not Retro - The Eighties Up To Date' - released on 4th July 2005


HOWARD JONES - Revolution Of The Heart
PETER COX (Go West) - Broken
KATRINA LESKANICH (Katrina & The Waves) - Scar
PETER COYLE (The Lotus Eaters) - American Beauty*
T’PAU - Let It All Fall
NEVILLE STAPLE (The Specials) - Why So Rude
MIDGE URE (Ultravox) - What Would You Do (Skin)?
SPEAR OF DESTINY - Age Of Unreason*
NIK KERSHAW - Die Laughing
TOYAH - Little Tears Of Love
DR ROBERT (The Blow Monkeys) - Sleepsong*
HEAVEN 17 - This Is Not My World*
GO WEST - All Day All Night
TONY HADLEY (Spandau Ballet) - So Lonely
LEEE JOHN (Imagination) - Blue Was Never My Colour*
MODERN ROMANCE - Mi Chica Latina*
* commercially available for the first time


Limited Edition CD - limited to 1000 copies, presented in DVD-style packaging with 24-page booklet and featuring personalised covers for preordered copies. Only available via (TINR1)

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Since it’s creation in 2002, the highly successful web site and information service, has become THE leading authority on the current activities of the music artists who enjoyed success in the 1980s. The site attracts around a million hits every month and runs a email newsletter which reaches over 15,000 people every week.

The site carries the latest news from artists across all genres as well as interviews, tour dates, competitions, new releases and reviews. is also extensively used and credited as a trusted news-source by journalists, radio and TV researchers and online media around the world.

In 2004 the site was approached by the international music TV channel VH-1 to help fill US and UK venues with fans of the artists featured in their popular 'Bands Reunited' series, achieved usually with only 48-hours notice.

This year was the exclusive online sponsor for Tony Hadley & ABC's recent 62-date tour of the UK. and the This Is Not Retro label are the creation of Richard Evans, a former London Records (International Promotions Manager then UK Product Manager) and MTV Europe (Senior Manager of Talent & Music) executive who has run creative direct-marketing consultancy The Fan Base Marketing Co. since 1998, conceiving and executing campaigns and providing a range of related services for a range of artists and labels including Robbie Williams, Coldplay, Feeder, Skunk Anansie, Duran Duran and Ozzy Osbourne.

CONTACT Richard Evans - email

21June2005 From Heaven17 group at Yahoo

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 16:59:41 -0000
From: "Richard" <>
Subject: New Heaven 17 track on new compilation

Hi Everyone,

It seems like quite a good time to announce that my compilation album 'This Is Not Retro' is now available to preorder at my website featuring the new Heaven 17 track 'This Is Not My world' (which will not be on the forthcoming H17 album)!

The album features nineteen new and recent tracks from artists who are all too often dismissed as 'eighties' and is intended to be a showcase of what they are all up to. I don't expect you to like everything on the album (in fact I'm absolutely sure you won't!) but I think that some of the tracks might surprise people. It also means that artists have the opportunity to present their music to people who would never have imagined listening, and I hope they will all pick up a few more fans on the way...

Preordering the album allows people to get a unique limited edition version of the album which will be personalised to you - more about that on the website too!

Cheers! Richard

16May2005 Mail from Robert Low


We are The Transmission (formerly (Autez Cray) from Rugby, U.K. We would like you to listen to our demo at or we are on the homepage under "Whats Hot".

We would love to know what you think and feel free to pass this email onto anyone who make enjoy our style of music. The band are working on new stuff,a new line-up and dates for the coming months. Please keep in touch and thankyou for your time.

Regards, Robert Low

17Apr2005 Mail from Simon Reynolds

I thought you and your readers might be interested in my new book Rip It Up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-84. Based on over 125 interviews, it’s a panoramic survey of the seven year period following punk, taking in everything from PIL to ABC to ZTT, from industrial and 2-Tone to synthpop and goth.

Of particular interest will be the chapters dealing with Heaven 17 and the Future/early Human League

Rip It Up and Start Again is published by Faber & Faber on April 21. It’s 576 pages long and fully illustrated, and is available at and other UK online booksellers. (The American edition will be out on Viking Penguin in February 2006)

For more information check the Rip It Up and Start Again site at which will soon feature extensive footnotes to the chapters, transcripts, links, etc.

Praise for Simon Reynolds’ Rip It Up and Start Again:

“A definitive work that will not be bettered for the span of its coverage, and the generosity of its analysis…. Rarely does one wish a 550-page book were longer, but in this case Reynolds leaves the reader wanting more…. A fantastic tribute to an amazingly creative musical period. It is an instant pop classic, worthy of a place on your shelves beside the handful of music books that really matter”--The Scotsman on Sunday

“* * * * * Q Classic… This remarkable and perfectly timed cultural history is required reading”--Q

“This is a monumental book, something of a labour of love for Reynolds… His success is to produce a guide that’s never dry, but is instead both highly personal and authoritative--a new addition to the handful of essential pop books”--GQ

“Reynolds has shed dazzling light on a neglected era of music, and it’s difficult to imagine Rip It Up and Start Again being displaced as the definitive word on the subject…. a brilliant job of reigniting the sense of seething potential that hung in the air like the whiff of cordite once the stereotyped attitudes of punk had finally been exorcised”--The Sunday Times

“This definitive overview of post-punk… [is] a compelling reminder of a time when clever, mischievous, creative people formed bands--and wrote about them… Rip it up and Start Again is his most accessible book… Much of it is taken up by a detailed chronicle of the myriad bands and scenes of the late Seventies and early Eighties, the flow of ideas channelled along by traditional narrative and some magnificent research”--The Observer

“As monumentally entertaining an edifice of great quotes, fine critical judgements, painstaking research and elegantly traced aesthetic bloodlines as could possibly have been hoped for”--The Independent On Sunday

“A wonderfully rich treatise on what might be termed “The Short Eighties”—stretching from 1978 to 1984…”--John Harris, The Times.

“Reynolds weaves his material with a fan-like enthusiasm, great critical acuity, and sound theorizing to make an incisive, coherent and entertaining argument”---Mojo

“* * * * *… Superb”--Uncut

04Apr2005 Mail from ichinchilla

Hi there,

... having just finished my new single it crossed my mind that it may well appeal to lovers of Heaven 17, as a long term fan myself i wrote the track on an ananlogue korg ms10 and a moog prodigy ang perhaps owing to the political content/message it does indeed tribute Heaven 17/Human League especially Facist groove thing/Being Boiled.

i am quite happy to pay respect to both these amazingly influential tracks, where have all the brains gone in modern pop writing?

i was thrilled with the political overtones as a kid and happy to follow suit...but it still got to sound good!

i wanted to offer the track as a free download to all your subscibers, of course that will alert people to my music, but i think some of them will like it.

the track is called 'Ball of Confusion' and can be found at : under the heading Multimedia

hope you like it
let me know
many thanks

30Mar2005 Mail from Eve Wood

Dear Sheffield music lovers,

as you so kindly purchased the DVD of Made in Sheffield from our site, we believe that you might like to know that the book 'Beats working for a living' - the story of popular music in Sheffield 1973-1984 written by local music journalist Martin Lilleker, is now available from our website

This comprehensive 300 page book features interviews with all the main players from that time; Phil Oakey, Martin Fry, Chris Watson and many others giving a detailed recollection of that special time in pop history. The book has plenty of photo's, posters and other memorabilia and also includes a free cd. It's a great book for the sheffield music Lover and a perfect compliment to Made In Sheffield.

More info and excerpts from the book can also be viewed on the website.

Best Regards,
Eve Wood
Sheffield Vision

28Jan2005 New single from Honeyroot - Love will tear us apart.

For details see


(no typo !)

Mail from Jenny Looms

Hi H17 fans

Thought you might like this. It's on an private album by my partner Glen.

Webmasters remark 1: Very interesting, thanks a lot !
Webmasters remark 2: If you like the song and want the 5MB big original stereo, just send me an email and cleanup your inbox to receive a mail this big.

Help me to collect information about future plans of the band
and send me any bit of information you have ...