28Dec2009 Added some more chart positions of the old LPs. See "Text info / Chart entries / LP+CD" for details.
23Dec2009 Added an advertisement for the upcoming tour through Europe. See Tour2010 page for a picture.
12Dec2009 Added pictures of the Nokia Night Of The Proms concert in Frankfurt 05&06Dec2009.

Started to add lyrics of "Before After", please contribute !

06Nov2009 2010 tour through Europe announced!

See Tour2010 page for details

17Oct2009 CD "Naked As Advertised" is found as "new item" in the German shop "Indietective Records". Maybe a re-release ?
27Sep2009 Added another "Temptation" single release found at Ebay.

See "Discography / Singles / Temptation" for more details.

22Sep2009 The NOKIA NIGHT OF THE PROMS begins to appear in the press.

Added an Article from a German newspaper. See "Text info / 1980-today / 2009" for details.

Thanks to Robert for the info!

13Sep2009 Today I started to collect YouTube videos.

See "Multimedia / Video / YouTube" for details.

Please contribute !

13Sep2009 Added some more external links.

See "News / Links / Heaven 17" for details.

09Aug2009 Added some festival reviews.

See Tour 2009 page for details.

01Aug2009 Added some festival appearances.

See Tour 2009 page for details.

01Aug2009 Andy Darlington tells us about an interview he did some years ago.

...Hello Thomas – meanwhile, I’m still here thinking…! Yes, it might interest visitors to your fine website, and Heaven 17 too, that I've put an early interview I did with Heaven 17 for 'Hot Press' magazine onto my own blogspot. They might even remember doing it? It was wonderful to have the opportunity of doing the interview, and it's great to read through it again...!


27Jun2009 Added some more photos

See Multimedia/Other Photos/Photo Mix 11.

30May2009 New installation by Martyn Ware's Illustrious

see tour dates for more details

30May2009 Quoting Martyn Ware - Illustrious Newsletter SS 2009

Heaven 17 will be touring Germany, performing 19 dates across 12 cities in December 09 as part of the Nokia Night of the Proms 2009, featuring a 75 piece orchestra and a fifty piece choir, performing epic versions of ‘Temptation’, ‘Let Me Go’ and, for the first time, ‘This Is Mine’.

24May2009 From the Regeneration tour site:

Heaven 17 have pulled out of REGENERATION TOUR 2009

due to “financial considerations” related to “unanticipated costs” and an “unfavorable exchange” rate that has tipped out of their favor over the past 5 months since they agreed to do the tour. On the shows where Berlin are appearing the shows will remain as a 4 band show. On the shows where Berlin are not appearing we are working to replace H17 with another act. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Adam Goodman for this piece of information

07May2009 Night of the proms

Heaven 17 are on the list for Night of the proms.

For more details follow the information on NOTP website

27Mar2009 Added two more photos of the Steel City Tour gig at Sheffield taken by Volker Büttner

See Multimedia/Live Photos/Sheffield page 5.

18Mar2009 Heaven 17 appeared last weekend in SAT1s TV recording for the "Hit Giganten Show" at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund.

See SAT1 for details.


ABC are to headline this year's 'Regeneration Tour' in the USA. The bill also features HEAVEN 17, WANG CHUNG, MEN WITHOUT HATS and BERLIN.

Added some more photos of the Steel City Tour gig at Sheffield taken by Volker Büttner

See Multimedia/Live Photos/Sheffield page 5.

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