18Dec1999 Added more details and some reviews to "HOW LIVE IS"
13Dec1999 Update for "PRETENTIOUS"

The Clarke/Ware Experiment CD "Pretentious" is actually available.

For details please see Discography Other Appearances.

Personal comment:
This CD contains very very spheric, spacy, esoteric music. It has nothing to do with Synthpop !

01Dec1999 Info from Tim Robson:

...a recent British TV appearance of Glenn and Martyn. Saturday night, ITV, there was a program dedicated to Tina Turner at 60, her life, records and life story. There was a brief interview with Glenn and Martyn (with a large mixing desk in the background), about Tinas recording on MQD (V1) and the fact that Martyn did a lot of the production of some of her comeback album. There were also a couple of clips from an 80's music program called the Tube, with Tina singing and Glenn and Martyn, providing backing vocals in the background.


HOW LIVE IS Details added

"How Live Is" is now available at many stores.

In addition a collection of live pictures has been added.

14Nov1999 New Release 06Dec1999

Heaven 17: Temptation Best Of Heaven 17 (Audio CD) Virgin CDV2906

08Nov1999 Info by Drew Radtke :

...have you seen the latest CD on the cover of 'Uncut' magazine? Well it's got the live H17 version of 'Being Boiled' on it. There's also a review of 'How Live Is' and some little snippets of interviews with Glenn G inside. Really nothing major at all, but maybe it should be in the discography. If you see the magazine anywhere it's the issue with an old picture of U2 on it.

02Nov1999 Cleopatra Prince Tribute CD

See see "Discography compilations" for details.

This time Heaven 17 plays 'Sign of the Times'.

Thanks to Drew Radtke for this info !

29Oct1999 Collection of news from Stephen Budd :
  • The German tour has unfortunately been cancelled as Culture Club have pulled out.
  • The UK tour will go ahead as planned and H17 may play a New Years Eve show in Sheffield (we are still negotiating).
  • There is talk of a possible USA tour in 2000, but as with all USA dealings, it is a 50/50 possibility.
  • The guys are still writing songs for the new album, we will keep you informed.
  • Glenn will be doing a track on the Giorgio Moroder tribute album a version of Japan's 'Life in Tokyo'.
  • He has also been working on a track with the 'Rhythm Masters' for their album.
  • He did several P.A. shows in Ibiza this summer.
06Oct1999 Gee Morris got her own homepage. (Update 07Mar2001 : page gone :-( )

She is enlisted as background singer for Heaven 17, but I can't find any hint on the record sleeves. Can somebody please enlighten me ?

07Sep1999 Hot Temptation

The new UK Burger King advert was shown on Monday 7 September and in keeping with BK's tradition for using old songs for their adverts, they used none other than 'Temptation' for this advert for the Double Bacon Hamburger for only 99p.

Thanks to Haiminh Le for this info !

09Aug1999 Interesting info from John McAndrew: Ripe Productions (you remember the "We Live So Fast"-Remix on "Retox/Detox" ?) is on their way to a new release. Please check their web site at for details. The site has real audio / downloadable MP3's of most of their current portfolio including H17, James and others.
09Jul1999 U2 sampler including Heaven 17 - see "Discography compilations" for details
19Jun1999 "Live At Last" is available

Find more details on my LIVE AT LAST page...

The Live at Last CD is ready to be sent out. Pre-orders will be filled first, any new order has to go through the channels you'll find on

18Feb1999 Remember the Sheffield "National Centre For Popular Music" ? Perhaps you can refresh your memory on the relevant page.

On the 1st of March this centre will be opened. Martyn Ware produced a song with Vince Clarke for this event. It's a 10 minute song which will be played in "3D Surround Sound" in the "In-The-Round auditorium".

05Feb1999 Info from SBM :

H17 have recorded a version of the Blue Oyster Cult's 'Don't Fear The Reaper'!

05Sep1998 TIRANE, 29 Gusht/ ATSH-Ardi Pulaj/.- Edhe per kete jave ne majen e klasifikimit te hiteve me te mira te muzikes "dance", ka qendruar italiani Gigi d'Agostino me "Elisir", nderkohe qe Love station me "Tear drops" eshte hyrja me e re qe ka zevendesuar Mousse T me "Horny '98" ne kete hitparade. Ndryshime ne pozicione kane pasur edhe hitet e tjera.

Renditja e 20 kengeve me te mira te muzikes "dance"
5- Heaven 17 V.S. Fast Eddie - With this ring let me go

Renditja e 20 hiteve me te mira te muzikes "dance" eshte marre nga Top Albania Radio, qe transmeton cdo jave klasifikimin e kengeve ne baze te kerkesave te degjuesve.

Can somebody translate please ?

12Jun1998 Just found on the net:

Sheffield becomes proud of his stars: Heaven 17 is listed on the official Sheffield web pages !

13Jan1998 Found in the WWW :

Hotel Kong Frederik Copenhagen Denmark lists Heaven 17 as one of their visitors.

Details unknown.

07Jan1998 Some chatter from usenet:

From: (Jyoti Mishra) (better known as "White Town" with his hit "Your Woman") Jan.98

... Apart from that, I've just done some recording with Glenn. We did a song I wrote back in '85 but never finished cos my voice is too wimpy. Glenn's sung a beautiful vocal and the tune sounds brilliant now. It'll be a joint thing, coming out on my next (White Town) album and probably on one of Glenn's forthcoming solo releases. He played me the songs he's been working on solo and they're beautiful. They're very synthy and atmospheric but in more of a Beloved / Telex kinda way than anything obviously contemporary.

The last time I chatted to Martyn he said something about this new BEF album but I don't know any details. I know they're doing that series of gigs soon with Cabaret Voltaire and Kraftwerk. I'll give him a ring and post anything he says about new recordings,
love and kisses,

26Nov1997 "Trivia" from Christopher Miller

Anyway, I have a bit of trivia for you that you may not know about Martin/Ware. Their old ARP 2600, or roland 100m system, or whatever that big huge-assed box with knobs on it now belongs to Jack Dangers of MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO. Apparently he bought it from some pawn shop or something way back in the mid/late eighties and has been using it ever since. If you've ever seen MBM play out live, then you've seen the box thingie i'm talking about.