Heaven 17 & BEF Roundhouse London 14+15 October 2011

Some pictures from the hardware used for both of the gigs and from the venue
Soundcheck 14. October 2011


As you might see, an relaxed atmosphere...

No, no, it was not bad at all !

Mark Jones
appeared early
The "other" musicians "Before & After"


(ok, this "Before/After" is another story not to be seen soon ;-))

Heaven 17 play "The Luxury Gap" 14. October 2011

Mark Jones DJ-Set

The concert was sold out
The LED background was in use again, not so much with the "new" songs,
but a lot when songs from Penthouse&Pavement are played
Finale 14. October
Maybe this is the place where Michael, Oliver, Robert, Thomas and Volker would like to say thank you to David, Martyn and Glenn for making this unique experience possible for us. It was great fun and we look forward to seeing you in Germany beginning next year, maybe... ;-)