Heaven 17 - Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg Germany 30Mar2010

Most of the photos are taken during soundcheck on that day. Thanks to David, Martyn and Glenn for this opportunity!

Again I'd like to show some impressions you'd not likely to see on YouTube etc., enjoy!

The beginning of the soundcheck that day, it seems, they all are busy, but not with the soundcheck ;-)
Glenn tampering with his tech stuff
Stairway to Heaven 17 ? Almost ;-)
Minutes later and during the whole concert Joel was very busy !
A small shop of items no fan would like to miss
Even Martyn dressed casual, I just wonder why he is not sweating at this time...
Glenn already switched to T-Shirt and sunglasses
Billie checking the sound of her voice from all round the floor
Let's stay together ? (Ok, different artist again ;-) )
Glenn doing some non-electronic riffs.

One of the rare pictures where the three additional musicians (from left to right) Asa Bennett, Joel Farland and Randy Hope-Taylor are on one picture. Their rare appearance on the photos does not reflect their part in the concert, they are a very valuable members giving each concert an unique touch. THANK YOU!

I can't say why Joel is this disappointed. It is definitively NOT Billies shirt...
Some more work to do: signing posters, "Supervision" by Management, i.e. David Stanbury
Frankly, I've got no idea what Martyn does not like...
The four lightining panels were close together forming a complete background picture. Pictures shown are hard to recognize when standing directly in front of the stage. But neverthless it gave a more intense feeling in comparison to the larger stage in Sheffield.
Billie Godfrey
Glenn recording his own show...
And Martyn too. They both haven't seen the background lighting from the guest perspective until that day.
Glenn as drummer? Ok, he seems to be a real multi-talent.
iPhones are really interesting toys ;-)...
...and boys do share their toys...
Impressive graphics on the background panels
Everybody taking pictures and is recording the background graphics.
No, he's not running away, he just got too much energy left ;-)
The drum kit. Can you imagine that anybody so thin as Joel can make it fall apart ?
Glenns acoustic guitar waiting