'Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry' reviewed by Smash Hits September 1983

Highly entertaining pop funk with sardonic 'woo-woos' and a cynical jab at society in general. Witty dance music with gromless backing chants and a piano that is everything that Shakatak isn't.

Review by Tom Hilbert


'Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry' reviewed by No.1 September 1983

Thankfully Heaven 77 have finally clicked and make dance records that you can actually dance to (unlike 'Penthouse And Pavement'). Now their stylish sound is pure nourishment for the feet, as well as for the head and heart.


'Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry' reviewed by No.1 03Sep1983

Heaven 17 seem to attract good samaritans. First off they made oodles of money sitting on their butts collecting a neat percentage of the Human Leagues wealth, then a lady called Karol Kenyon sung them to No.2 with 'Temptation'.

Actually the threesome did work pretty hard at getting a hit before then with fine dance records like 'Penthouse And Pavement' and 'Play To Win'; 'Crushed By The Wheels' is along similar lines and though still less than great it's easily the best of the three they've made as popstars.

Review by Paul Simper