Bigger than America reviewed by Dan Gillespie

My review of "Bigger Than America"..2/21/97

Dan Gillespie Houston, Texas U.S.A

I managed to get a copy of the new Heaven 17 from our local import store..and I must say! Its the best.....I have not taken it out of the cd player since I bought it. The albums starts RIGHT off with a great song DIVE which reminds me of Let me go (you guys who say you don't like this song...WAKE UP!) ....simply super!..the album backs off just a little bit with Designing Heaven..which I like..but don't expect to be a classic...The next really hot song on the album is "We Blame Love" this is right on target guys! WOW! and then "BIGGER In America is even better! The only song on the album I don't like to be honest is..."Freak"...I just can't get into it. I could rave on and on about each song..but there is no need...THIS ALBUM SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! it is truly a 5 on a scale of 1 to 5 Bravo!
I look forward to the next release!
And hey! give us lads in America a break...were not so bad.