"Retox/Detox" - reviewed by David Quantick

Brothers! Sisters! We don't need this useless groove thing! Despite having re-invented Tina Turner and been some of The Human League, Heaven 17 always rather fell down the cracks in the (hey!) pavement of history. From corporate electro-funk to duff goosehonky pop, Ware, Marsh and Gregory made quite a few people's favourite singles and, having had their welcome, did not outstay it. Now, like every band of the '80s, they are back, this time in the form of a grim double CD of remixes. Nobody benefits: the mixes are either exactly the same as the original only with modern sequencers, which is pointless. Or they're lots different, in which case nobody who likes Heaven 17 will like them. One of these mixes will chart, to some degree, and the rest of the album will shore up the foundations of charity shops yet to be built.

Rating: 1