Daily Digital Opinion VOLUME 1, ISSUE 111 - 16 FEB 1998
Music For Listening To

Caroline Records
Description : Experimental Keyboards
Our Rating : 7

Music For Listening To
This EP was a landmark in the experimental arm of the British New Wave Movement. Nobody fused the new keyboard dance rhythms of Gary Numan with the textures of Tangerine Dream and the anger of punk rock. This collective put more into these 6 songs than most people could dream of. Listen to "Music To Kill Your Parents By" and in less than 90 seconds, the hair on your neck will stand on end with not one word uttered. In fact, all emotional feelings of rebellion on the entire project come without's all done by keyboards. As a bonus, this reissue also includes the Music For Stowaways cassette that came out the same year. Although it's inclusion is applauded for it's rarity, these tracks are hardly influential and severely weaken a full third of this disc. New Wave connoisseurs should surely pick this up not just for their mark on British musical history, but to see how their "Groove Thang" track developed with vocals one year later as the members of B.E.F. formed ... Heaven 17.

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