HEAVEN 17 AT 05Sep2000

First info from Drew Radke (extract):

Went to the gig last night; really was extremely good. ... They did at least three new songs which sounded most excellent and got a good reaction from the crowed. I was not paying too much attention to the set list as I was taking photos, but for the encore they did 'Being Boiled' and '20th Century Boy' which I'd not heard them do before; that sounded just great. It was the first concert at the Life Cafe and it did seem an excellent venue.

Short note from Jim Aitken

I travelled down to Manchester on the Day of the gig and they were awesome. I have seen them twice before at the SECC in Glasgow (yes I was there for Live at Last") but this was easily the best performance to date.

As you would expect the played all of the classic stuff along with 3 new songs, designing heaven, being boiled and 20th century boy.

I was directly facing Glenn and managed to take loads of photos...

Well worth the journey!

Note from Tim Robson

Did the 330 Km round trip to the Life Cafe in Manchester last night to see Heaven 17 ! They were excellent as ever - same set as the gig in Belgium, in July (I think), three new tracks, and finished with an encore of 'Being Boiled' and '20th Century Boy' (although they did adlib it to 21st Century Boy !).

Well worth the petrol and the £10 to get in !

Note from Jim Gilroy

We went, we saw, we took many photos, we drank with them in the jazz club afterwards where Angie gave a superb rendition of SUMMERTIME.

Review from Robert Sommerville

Julia and I travelled to Manchester from Birmingham full of anticipation for our first HEAVEN 17 headline gig, we'd seen them three times before but this was going to be special. The night started in the best possible way when Glenn came on stage and Julia talked me into going to chat to him, what a great guy, he took time to sign a CD cover, went and got Martyn and Ian's autographs and posed for a photo with me. The gig itself was great, all the old stuff two of which I'd not seen live before PLAY TO WIN and WE LIVE SO FAST. Glenn was in great form, he really enjoyed himself as did Billie and Angie. The set comprised three new songs HANDS UP TO HEAVEN, I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU FALL IN LOVE and WHAT WOULD IT TAKE all of which would make great singles. If they've got a whole album of songs like this then the future is looking very bright indeed. The set was classic HEAVEN 17. The band left the stage to great applause. Then came the encore the HUMAN LEAGUE'S BEING BOILED which was stunning with everyone clapping along and TWENTIETH CENTURY BOY which Glenn told us was his favourite record of all time, a tremendous finale to an awesome gig! Special mention to the Life Cafe for putting on HEAVEN 17!

Note from Steven Walter (responsible at Life Cafe)

hi, fantastic gig on tuesday, great crowd and the band were brilliant, stand out songs were temptation, we live so fast, come live with me, designing heaven, penthouse and the two encores, being boiled and 21st century boy. they also played two brand new tracks but i cant remember the names!

after the gig the band went into our club, THE LATE ROOM, and angie brown got up on stage to jam with the jazz band, absolutely brilliant.

For some pictures see the Life Cafe picture page !