It's Hard In Heaven !  in No.1 May 1986 (?)

He's an ageing 60s soul legend on the road to recovery!
They're a bunch of electronic buffs who a lot of people
like quite a lot! Together they're Jimmy Ruffin and Heaven 17
and they're having a hit with `The Foolish Thing To Do'!

Debbi Voller trys to talk to all of them at once.. .

"I can't understand why Heaven 17 don't wanna get out on the road and play live! They don't know it yet, but I'm gonna make 'em tour with me. It's time to boogie !"

So says a determined and very confident Jimmy Ruffin, the 60s Motown soul legend who sang classics like 'What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted' and 'Farewell Is A Lonely Sound'.

Now Jimmy's all set for a comeback with the help of Heaven 17 and itching for some action...

'Come on guys!." he barks at Glenn, Ian and Martyn, "it's time to get down!"

"We're okay, at getting down," yawns a weary Glenn Gregory, "it's getting up that's the problem !"

Heaven 17 and Jimmy Ruffin first became musical bedfellows via Paul Weller's 'Soul Deep' miners' benefit single which Martyn mixed and Jimmy sang on.

Believe it or not, 'The Foolish Thing To Do' was actually written as a film track for an opera singer and Jimmy was just asked to put down a guide vocal for her to follow - but he made up his mind that this was going to be his song.

"Every so often in a singer's life - and I'm talking singers here, not pop stars! -- you hear a melody that you know you were meant to sing. I decided to do this song so well, that no one else would dare touch it."

American born but based "nowhere" at the moment, Jimmy plans to move to London and has already set up some tour dates in England. "But I have no record deal at the moment -- PUT THAT IN! Jimmy Ruffin is unsigned!"

Heaven 17 sit patiently while Jimmy takes over the interview, but as Glenn points out: "We've never been cravers for stardom -- we set up our British Electric Foundation label as an umbrella for other projects and acts."

Pop missionaries extraordinaire - it was of course Heaven 17 who helped relaunch Tina Turner's career when they asked her to sing on their 'Music Of Quality And Distinction' LP.

Who else would they like to work with?

"David Bowie !" grins Glenn, "but for now we've recorded a funky football song with Sheffield Wednesday.

Only trouble is, they lost the FA Cup didn't they? So now we have to change all the lyrics! "

Heaven 17 have got a compilation compact disc/ cassette coming out in June called 'Endless' and are currently in the middle of a new album

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keyboards. guitars and drums, which means that a tour is more possible now than it ever was before."

Finally-they have the technology!