Person-2-Person -- Glenn Gregory --  in No1

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This week Nira Greenacre from Sheffield hits Glenn Gregory with five questions.

Nira: Where did you first meet Martyn and Ian, and what did you think of Martyn's green fur coat?

Glenn: We met years ago, when I was 14 or 15, in some strange drama workshop-cumyouthclub hangout. We used to have lots of bands then - every other week - which we were involved in. We never performed anywhere, we couldn't play anyway. Martyn used to wear this green fur jacket which was too small for him, it came right up to his waist! We all liked it though, in fact, I wish he'd wear it again.

Nira: What's your favourite Heaven 17 record, and why?

Glenn: 'Lady Ice And Mr Hicks'. I like the mood of it - it's almost cocktail music, out mainly because it's different to anything else we've done. I think the best single is 'Let Me Go', even though it didn't do as well as any of the others.

Nira: Do you ever think you'll play a live gig in Sheffield? Glenn: Yes, if we ever play live concerts, it could possibly be the first one we do. We haven't got any plans to play live as yet, but we probably will in a couple of years.

Nira: Is the girl on the front of your single `Temptation' your wife Sarah?

Glenn: No, it's not, and this is probably a good time to set the record straight. We don't know her name, or who she is or anything. We were being filmed by an Italian crew for a video, and they brought these girls along. Martyn was snapping away with his camera and took a picture of her. When we were looking for a cover, we found it, but we've never been able to contact her. If she reads this, maybe she could ring Virgin Records. I do remember she was part-Polish.

Nira: Do you remember me? I spoke to you in Sheffield (at the bottom of Chapel Walk).

Glenn: Yes I can. I was with my mum and Sarah, and two girls came up and asked me for my autograph. You must have been one of them - I bet that's surprised you!

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