Gigs and more in 1999

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8th - 22th
December 1999

Culture Club tour through the UK

with Heaven 17, Bananarama and Belinda Carlisle

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December 1999
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  • Wednesday 8 - Brighton - The Centre
  • Thursday 9 - Cardiff - International Arena
  • Friday 10 - Birmingham - N.E.C.
    Review see below
  • Saturday 11 - Birmingham - N.E.C.
  • Sunday 12 - Glasgow - SECC
  • Tuesday 14 - Bornemouth - Bornemouth International Centre
  • Wednesday 15 - Bornemouth - Bornemouth International Centre
  • Thursday 16 - London - Wembley Arena
  • Friday 17 - London - Wembley Arena
    Review see below
  • Saturday 18 - London - London Arena
    Review see below
  • Sunday 19 - Manchester - Evening News Arena
  • Tuesday 21 - Newcastle - Newcastle Telewest Arena
  • Wednesday 22 - Sheffield - Sheffield Arena

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Reviews :

Birmingham - NEC gig Heaven 17, Culture Club etc., 11th December 1999

The gig was so good! The whole thing...not just H17!

They were only on for about 39 minutes though...started with the intro to Temptation which went quickly into Fascist Groove...all the oldie were there though...Come Live With Me, Crushed By The Wheels, Let Me Go, and Temptation. And that was it! Glenn was sporting a yellow cowboy outfit, Ian was in a dinner suit (?), and Martyn was just in black.

For the finale Glenn came down the stairs in what looked like a kung fu outfit...I'm sure it wasn't though! But the sound was amazing! As we were on the 2nd row, it bought back memories of Sound Republic!

And Culture Club were absolutely fantastic! George had the audience eating out of the palm of his hands. Starman though had to be the highlight!

I was on a complete high coming home...I was game to go off clubbing, but all my friends were completely knackered! I don't know! Can't keep up!!

Rosalind Thomas

Heaven 17, Wembley Arena, 16th December 1999

An excellent performance once again by Heaven 17. Glenn Gregory was well on form. Because the set was only about 30 minutes long they kept it down to the classics and they really got the crowd going!

The only thing that irritated me was what seemed to be a small injustice. Heaven 17, like I said, did a brilliant job, why then were they billed first? They whipped the crowd up and then we had to endure 25 minutes of Bananarama, who were pretty awful- or at least the two that turned up were awful- the third apparently just didn't bother going!

Anyway, back to Heaven 17. They wore the same gear that Rosalind mentions in her review. Temptation was something else, Glenn strutted down the stairs on the stage in a long white tailored suit-jacket cum coat. And the crowd loved it!

Billie and Angie were on form too, especially during Temptation.

What can I say, yet another blinder from H17, not as "cosy" as the Heaven gig, but it was great to see them playing at a big venue like Wembley Arena.

I got chatting to some people after the gig and they all agreed that Heaven 17 did a great job, but that they should have played directly before Culture Club.

All of the bands that played came on at the end to sing Karma Chameleon with Culture Club, and it looked to all intents and purposes like a "Band Aid" christmas reunion!


James Gage

Heaven 17, London Arena, 18th December 1999

Over the past couple of years, I have been lucky enough to see H17 at various locations across England. The first time was at Birmingham NEC with Erasure then at the Aquarium night club in London. This was a album launch of Retox/Detox. I was standing next to Glenn and didn't have the guts to say hallo? Sad isn't it?

Then I saw them at the London arena with Culture Club. I was right at the front and they were on top form as usual. It was a shame they were on first but they got the crowed going in the end, Culture Club fans are a bit hard to going. Glenn sung brilliantly, Martin was enjoying himself and Ian well he was just Ian? I wish he would smile more.

They did about 20 min of there top tunes Glenn disappeared come back in a long white coat plus cowboy hat {I want it} and looked cool, and the girls were good to.

Its been great being a fan over the past few years watching them live and I hope I don't have to wait another 17 years to see them again

Kelly Smith H17 number 1 fan.

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