Gigs and more in 1998

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09. May 1998

May Ball at Aston University

14. July 1998

The Retox/Detox show at the Aquarium (London)

Ian Craig Marsh
Ian Craig

Martyn Ware

...and even more photos by Nicole Menze-Schindler
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Glenn with Angie Brown and Billie Godfrey in background
Glenn with Angie Brown & Billie Godfrey (in the background)

08. August 1998

Heaven 17 are to play the new Gay Pride festival in Brighton as headliners !!

Heaven 17 were at Brighton Pride and because it was running late only managed to do 2 numbers (Penthouse & Pavement + Temptation).
Thanks to Nick Wheeler for this piece of information!

15. August 1998

Gay Pride in London's Clapham Common CANCELLED !!!

31. August 1998

Heaven 17 played Mardi Gras in Manchester 31/08/98 and as usual were excellent.The four songs they played were 'FASCIST GROOVE THANG', 'PENTHOUSE & PAVEMENT', 'DESIGNING HEAVEN' and 'TEMPTATION'

26. October 1998

London's new Sound Republic club on October 26th. CANCELLED !!!

SBM: We are waiting for the show in London to be rescheduled (it was cancelled because the venue did not have the correct entertainment licence! It has now been re-opened).

06. November 1998

Club M in Yarm, Cleveland, UK
They started with Fascist Groove Thang and went through most of the well known tracks, before doing some others from 'Bigger than America'. Started just after midnight and went off at about 1:20am. Finishing with a couple of surprise tracks, first BEING BOILED !!!! Then 20th CENTURY BOY - both very well performed and the first time I'd heard BEING BOILED performed live (other than the Human League!).

I really enjoyed the whole evening, the best thing was there was only about 4-500 people watching, I noticed only one other person who seemed to know the words to most of the tracks, we got right to the front and it only cost £7.

Thanks to Tim Robson for this impression
and the ticket picture

Ticket of the evening

13. December 1998

Preview event in Manchester (at the former Nynex Arena)

No more details known. Thanks to Paul Nunn for this info.

Late 1998 The ABC, Human League and Culture Club tour through England :

...The third concert was at London Arena. This time we only brought a camera and we found a spot in second row (in Susan's side !!). ABC opened the ball, but this time there was a small change in plans. Before playing the boring number One Better World, he introduced Glen Gregory from Heaven 17, who came onstage, and sang the first lines of Temptation..... People went ballistic - it was way to good to be true. Glen produced the last ABC record, and they looked like to schoolboys on stage, jamming through One Better World. Human League once again took the most applause from the audience,and we went before Culture Club. Outside we ran into a guy from a record label, who had Backstage passes !!!! - he couldn't help us -just to think Oakey, Gregory, Fry having a chat and a beer maybe 50 meters away from you !!!