20-26 Dec2003 More new releases coming up:

No more details known yet !

Thanks to Dave for update !


Tuesday 28th October 2003 - 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London E1 6QN

Following their sell-out success at the same venue last month, Honeyroot's Glenn Gregory and Keith Lowndes are bringing their exquisite sound back to 93 Feet East. A gig not to be missed!

“An essay in evocative electronica…beguiling, contemporary and frequently sublime” – Q Magazine / “Soulful electronica meets blissful beats…a chilled blend of Air with a contemporary twist” – Future Music

For details click here and go to the bottom of the page

23Oct2003 Mail from Martyn Ware

You may be able to help me – I’m selling a couple of my classic synths and I want them to go to a good home.

I have a JP4 (midi retrofit) and a rare roland promars (monophonic/midi retrofit). I’ll sign ‘em as well!!

Let me know asap if you know anyone who would like them

Martyn Ware Heaven 17
Martyn(dot)ware(a t s i g n)virgin(dot)net

11Oct2003 Mail from Robert:

Hi Thomas,

Another competition on my web-site Great prizes up for grabs...

Many thanks,

16Sep2003 Dear Just Music Friends,

Honeyroot's "Sound Echo Location" has received great reviews.

"Beguiling, contemporary and frequently symphonic as Massive Attack" - Q Magazine
"Soulful electronica meets blissful beats...a chilled blend of Air with a contemporary twist" - Future Music
"Perfectly conceived and constructed...some obvious reference points to Portishead & Massive Attack" - ITM
"Atmospheric, beautifully crafted" - DJ Magazine

Glenn Gregory and Keith Lowndes are now taking Honeyroot's exquisite sound to a live setting. With their combined talent and experience these will be two shows not to miss!

On Wed 24th Sept Honeyroot will be playing at 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London E1 supporting Siobhan Donaghy (ex-Sugababe) at her album launch.

On Tues 28th Oct 93 Feet East presents...Honeyroot (also at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, London E1).

Tickets are £5 in advance and can be bought from . There will be a limited number available on the door. Please mention Honeyroot when booking your ticket.

We'd love to see you there and thanks for your continuing support of the label and our artists.

Just Music

08Aug2003 Mail from Robert Sommerville

Hi Thomas,

I'm running another competition and this time the prizes are ready and waiting for the winners.

The prizes are Electricity II cd's featuring H17. Could you please put this on your web-site.

Many thanks and best wishes,

08Aug2003 Info from David Richards

Heaven move up to #2 on the Tunedinradio Top Ten.

Fans should visit the website and vote for Heaven 17 as we see if it can go to #1!

19Jul2003 Mail from Jamie

Hi we are two guys ian and jamie who have monthly club ELECTRO ROX in the east end we love heaven 17 and play lots... our next do is on the 2nd august at the pleasure unit in bethnal green


love to see ya or any H17 fans

14Jul2003 Mail from Tony

...After having a great day out at the Ascot races Saturday 12th and the free following open air human league concert, I heard that the guy who organizes events at Ascot (Jeremy I think they said he was) is hoping to book heaven 17 for next year!

Fingers crossed because if the day was like Saturday it will be a MUST for all fans plus a chance to meet the band afterwards (the HL fans got to meet Phil &Co)


10Jul2003 Info from Dave Richards

"Hands up to Heaven" hits #9 on the Tundeinradio Top Ten this week.

You can make a request for the song on the website and perhaps bump it up a few notches!

30Jun2003 Info from Martyn

Apologies to yourself and all the H17 fans – we’re in the final stages of negotiation with a company re the release – we hate the delay as much as anyone.

We'll be looking at an autumn release.

Lots of love and keep in touch

Martyn Ware on behalf of Heaven 17

19Jun2003 Haiminh and Martyn are "talking" about the artwork on the Heaven 17 records:

Martyn: Here are my answers...

Haiminh: 1. Four of your six album covers are paintings by Ray Smith - why the decision to have a painting of the band rather than a photo?

Martyn: The decision was based on the idea that we wanted to present ourselves in an enigmatic/charismatic way - we regarded photographic imagery as being too literal and conversely we regarded painting as a more 'timeless' way of portraying ourselves.

Haiminh: 2. Can we expect more of Smith's work on Before/ After?

Martyn: No - this time it is a graphical artwork inspired by 9/11 by Malcolm Garrett

Haiminh: 3. How did you come to hear of Smith, was it a search for an artist to paint your covers or was it completely accidental?

Martyn: We knew the concept we wanted for P&P - there was an ad in Time magazine that we based it on - Ray Smith was a close friend of Simon Draper (Virgin MD) who had just done a great Skids cover painting - we are still close friends. BTW I still have all the original artworks in my studio.

Haiminh: 4. Were the concepts for each of the album covers thought up by yourselves or by Smith? Did you ever reject work from him!

Martyn: P&P was ours, as was luxury gap - but our creative relationship was based on our appreciation of his talent and techniques - a true collaboration.

Haiminh: 5. Finally, which would you say is your favourite: Heaven 17 cover, and "other" (ie another band/ artist etc) album cover?

Martyn: The imagery and idea for P&P was so strong, that it kind of defined our style - so I suppose that's the one.

Good luck with your project

Kind regards
Martyn Ware on behalf of Heaven 17

13Jun2003 Info from David Richards

Hi Thomas

The above link has a 2 minute snippet of the Hands Up To heaven track :-)


30May2003 Added first info about the December 2003 "Here And Now" tour. See tour2003 for more details.
15May2003 Mail from Duane Mayhew


Spoke to Martyn last week in London at the second Erasure gig at the astoria and asked about any gigs coming up.

He said that they will definately do something, possibly in London like the astoria and make it something special!

All the best

11May2003 Mail from Sean

...I thought you might like to know I've recently done two 'bootleg mixes' which may interest Heaven 17 fans.

One is The Human League's early b-side "Introducing" mixed with the vocals from Destiny's Child's "Survivor" (Martyn Ware likes it!).

The other is an edit of Heaven 17's "Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry" 12" mixed with the vocals from Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" (I haven't mentioned this one to Martyn because it's quite messy!).

Both are available to download as mp3s from my band's website - here's a direct link to the page:

I've recently remixed The Human League's "Empire State Human" (which Martyn also likes), but Virgin have not yet announced any plans to release it. It has a new dance rhythm with a bass style which is similar to some early Heaven 17 records, so let's hope it gets released!

Hope you're well,

04May2003 Next release coming !

Perhaps this is again a collection of old songs, let's wait and see !

  • Let's Make A Bomb
    SNAPCD153 due 14 Jul 2003
28Apr2003 Mail from Hiroshi Tsuruta

New release "Star Power" in Japan, being imported from Europe, due for the 05th of May 2003.

See for more info.

No more info known yet !

Attention : postage is very very high !

25Apr2003 Mail from Robert Sommerville

Hi Thomas,

I'm having a competition for two people to win a signed promo copy of Before / After. Please could you let people know.

Many thanks and best wishes,

13Apr2003 Interview with Glenn Gregory at (go to Interviews)
08Apr2003 Info from Dave Richards (Lexicon)

A brand new Heaven 17 song, "Hands Up To Heaven" will be on "Electricity Volume II" due out April 29 on Ninthwave Records. The Cd also contains new music from White Town, Freezepop, Empire State Human and others.

Cover scan and order info is at



Info from David Riley

Glenn on BBC6 on saturday

some info u may not know about

(external link no longer valid)

see above link for more details


Update 09Apr2003 : correct link (external link no longer valid) then select "Listen to the latest Roundtable here!" Playback starts immediately if you have Real Player installed.

29Mar2003 Info from Martyn Ware

Have completed mastering 'Before After' at last – should be out mid June.

Also tune in to Radio 2xs (Sheffield) Sunday 2200 – 0000 for my fave records 2hr programme.

22Mar2003 Info from David Hewes

...had an email from Martyn Ware yesterday. He says the new CD is being mastered at the moment and should be out around june.

15Mar2003 Honeyroot

is splitting peoples opinions.

See some reviews here and here. See the extra page for more details.

09Feb2003 Info from Haiminh

Some (vaguely) Heaven 17 related news for you.

UK group Liberty X are teaming up with disc spinner Richard X resulting in a track called 'Being Nobody'. It brings together the lyrics of 'Ain't Nobody' by Rufus and Chaka Khan to the music of our beloved 'Being Boiled' by the early League.

You can see the video on The Box; tune into Radio 1 on Sunday 9 February at 4.15 to hear them perform it; or wait until the single's released sometime in March.

I've heard it already, and it sounds alright; but that's mostly due to how great the two 'original' tracks are already.


08Feb2003 Glenn Gregory has a new side project with Keith Lowndes: Honeyroot. See the extra page for details.
22Jan2003 Sound clips are online again
18Jan2003 News from Martyn Ware

Release of 'Before After'   "... coming soon..."

07Jan2003 News from

HEAVEN 17 are contributing a brand new track 'Hands Up To Heaven' to a forthcoming compilation 'Electricity 2' from Ninethwave records. The CD is due for release on March 7th although the date may change.

05Jan2003 Videos are back online. Now working on sound clips too, but be patient, affordable webspace is hard to find !

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