04Dec2006 Mail from Dave:

...I thought you would like the news that British Electric Foundation will be making their first ever live appearance under that name at a concert in tribute of their friend and collaborator, Billy MacKenzie, of the band The Associates. As you will know, Billy appeared on both Music of Quality and Distinction Vol 1 and 2, and Martyn Ware/B.E.F was credited with production on The Associates single 'Those First Impressions' as well as the title track of their album, 'Perhaps.

For full information please see

With very best wishes

27Nov2006 Mail from Volker:

Review of latest Heaven 17 DVD online at BLOOM

23Oct2006 Mail from Dave:

...Heaven 17 where on "Top Of The Pops 2" BBC2 on Saturday, Come live with me...

03Oct2006 Mail from Gary Flanagan:

...I also wanted to let you know that I recently interviewed Martyn Ware, and this interview is up on my website. You can feel free to mention this interview on your website so other fans will know about it and be able to read it. ...
All the best, Gary

If you can't access Garys interview for any reason, please find a PDF-version here (ZIPped to same some space).

08Sep2006 updated discography: Play To Win
updated discography: We Live So Fast
05Sep2006 added Best Of 2006 + DVD
updated discography for remastered re-re-releases
29Aug2006 added link to the live CD related to the Scala gig November 2005
Finnish P&P release added
05Aug2006 Mail from Justin as of 03Aug2006:


Heaven 17 appeared on the UK breakfast show GMTV (on ITV1) this morning. They performed "Temptation" (the original version). I
didn't catch their reasons for appearing, so I'm not sure if they're about to embark on a tour or something?

However, I did catch Glenn Gregory talking a little about his 3 year old daughter who didn't believe that he was going to be on TV.

Justin (UK)

22Jun2006 Very interesting cover version: Let Me Go by Nouvelle Vague. See Amazon for details !

Live gigs : see for details

16Jun2006 Honeyroot

Red Road - featuring the haunting Love Will Tear Us Apart - won the Special Jury Prize at Cannes last month. A triumph for Oscar award winning Director Andrea Arnold and her team. We are very proud to be a part of this art house film which received a ten minute standing ovation at Cannes and is destined to cross over the mainstream cinemas this summer

Source: Just Music Newletter June 2006

18May2006 Mail from Serena from

The hot news from the Honeyroot camp is that their haunting version of Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart features as the closing credits for Red Road, the feature film that everyone's talking about from Oscar winning film director and screenwriter Andrea Arnold and which is nominated for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival this week. Glenn and Keith are still busy working on their second Honeyroot album which will be released early 2007 - you can catch them DJing at Escapism on Wed 31st May.

16May2006 Some fans asked me if I know what happens to the website, the Leipzig concert etc.

It is obvious that Susie is no longer the management of the band. I've got no information who is the successor, if there is any.

At this point I want to thank Susie for all the information, warm words, insights etc.
You cannot image how much influence this had on my motivation. THANKS AND GOOD LUCK !

(PS: is her "new band")

Leipzig Gothic Festival: Heaven 17 is on the list of the artists who confirmed their appearance. This confirmation was sent in January. I still have got no clear idea if the current happenings have changed something. There are rumours I cannot confirm. So please, if you just go to Leipzig to see Heaven 17, please make sure for yourself in advance that the festival management confirms the gig!


11Mar2006 added some more pictures related to the Scala gig November 2005
07Mar2006 videos online again and some added - see "Multimedia/Videos"
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22Feb2006 Mail recevied today

Before/After will be released February 27th in Holland and Belgium with "I'm Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me" as the first single.

best regards,
Sjaak de Bruijn

Go Entertainment e-mail: info(humanreadableatsign)

22Feb2006 Mail from

Artist Information from - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2006/02/21
The following item has just been scheduled for release.

Artist: Heaven 17
Title: Live: Scala, London 29 / 11 / 05
Catalogue No: CDLHN36/0094635553925
Format: CD-R Import
Release Date: 02/27
Price(incl. tax): JPY 3,770

17Feb2006 Compilations updated - see pictures here
"Play To Win" promo single added - see details here
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16Feb2006 Newsletter from Justmusic


Work continues on Honeyroot's second album, Stay In Shadow, which is currently scheduled for release at the end of July. As ever, Glenn & Keith have also been busy scoring music for TV so listen out for their compositions on Love Monkey (Sony Pictures) and Ghost Whisperer (CBS) which are currently airing in the US and are expected to reach Europe shortly.

see more details here at the bottom of the page

16Feb2006 source: Melody Maker 06Oct1984 - see review here
source: Melody Maker 06Oct1984 - see pictures here
source: Melody Maker 06Oct1984 - see LP charts here
source: Melody Maker 06Oct1984 - see single charts here
02Feb2006 Wave-Gotik-Treffen Leipzig - Heaven17 have confirmed their appearance.

For more details see the webpages of the Treffen&Festspielgesellschaft für Mitteldeutschland mbH


Scala gig 29Nov2005 - updated page

/ 02Feb2006


Heaven 17 live in Sheffield February 23

See the Sheffield city hall pages for more details


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Finally I managed it to upload the photos from the Scala gig 29Nov2005 done by Volker Büttner. Sorry for the long time it took to process these few pictures.

See the specially created page here.

31Dec2005 A prosperous New Year to all the Heaven 17 friends!

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