30Dec2008 Updated discography "Naked As Advertised". See here.
18Dec2008 Added some more tour info. See here.

Updated the Honeyroot discography. See here.

Added some old information about Martyn Ware appearing at Red Bull Music Academy. See here.

Prepared the discography for the latest release "Naked As Advertised". See here.

Finally added the latest interview in German magazine BEAT. See here.

Added concert photos sent by Alan Halford. THANKS!!!!! See here.

17Dec2008 Updated the Honeyroot discography. See here.

Added single "Hands Up To Heaven". See here.

Added single "I'm Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me". See here.

16Dec2008 Added some photos of the Steel City Tour gig at Sheffield. A great gig, thanks a lot!

See Multimedia/Live Photos/Sheffield.

01Dec2008 Mail from Philip

Hi, I have uploaded to youtube the video of Glenn & Billie singing Temptation from ITV's now thats what I call 1983. This YouTube video is in High Quality.
If you have any contact with Billie Godfrey tell her I say hi.
Phil (S.E London)

Thanks Phil for this information !

01Dec2008 As you might have seen on HEAVEN17.COM, there is a new release "Naked As Advertised".

Naked As Advertised

I'll post some more details when the record arrives.

Quoting the website JUSTMUSIC.CO.UK:
Glenn Gregory and Martyn Ware have put together this collection, which contains a new track, ‘Don’t Fall’, re-workings of H17 classics from the early days, and a few real collectors items and rarities, including a great new version of their seminal classic ‘Temptation', and versions of Human League tracks ‘Being Boiled’ and ‘Empire State Human’ are included and a moving cover of the Billy McKenzie’s ‘Party Fears Two’.

04Nov2008 Added a new "Live At Last" release. See here.

Updated December concert info. See here.

14Sep2008 Andy Stidwill informed:

I would like to inform all Heaven 17 fans that I have just uploaded the band's performance of Temptation on Top of the Pops on 25/12/1983 onto YouTube. This is the first time this particular performance has been available on YouTube.
The address is:
Andy Stidwill, (Birmingham, UK)

14Sep2008 David informed:


Don't know whether someone's already told you about this, but I did a club remix of "I'm Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me" a while back. It came about because I was talking to their lighting engineer at the Scala gig and I mentioned that every time I heard "I'm Gonna Make You..." I could hear a big trance/club sound in there. He said "go ahead then, give it a go" so I did. He's given it to the guys so they're aware of the track and they were happy for it to be pushed out to DJs and get some PR for them/the album.

You can hear it at my home page here:

You're welcome to link to this if you think it would be of any interest to other fans!

David, aka "Lonely Goatherd" :)

30Jul2008 Added a strange cassette release of "How Men Are". See here.

Added a large article about the making of "Pleasure One". See article here.

Added another strange article about Heaven And Hell. See article here.

Added more T42 related pictures. See here.

Added more information on "Before/After". See here.

20Jul2008 Added another gold disc found at Ebay. See here.

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Added a song released on a compilation. See here and scroll down to "Don't fear the reaper".

Added Steel City Tour flyer (Thanks to Volker !)

10May2008 Kirsten Holliman reports

new tour dates are announced. See "TOUR INFO / 2008" for more details.

Thanks Kirsten !

30Mar2008 Horst Schwager reports

At an interview with Martyn Ware can be found. Very interesting.

Thanks Horst !

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