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2013 Magazine Date Author

2012 Magazine Date Author
Concert review: Heaven 17 lassen in Berlin den C-Club vibrieren Berliner Morgenpost 13 Dec 2012 Patrick Goldstein
TV feature: "Durch die Nacht" (Arte) Arte TV 05 May 2012 Hasko Baumann

2011 Magazine Date Author
Interview: Q&A Heaven 17 (PDF) Record Collector Jan 2011

2010 Magazine Date Author
Interview: Synth our fathers (PDF) www.blacklink.me 19Nov2010 mr-vip
Human League, beständig: „Wir sind modern" (PDF) Die Presse (Austria) www.diepresse.com 17Nov2010 Thomas Kramar
Bodystyler concert review Aschaffenburg gig (PDF) Bodystyler Mid 2010 Ivo Klassmann

2009 Magazine Date Author
Interview: Interview mit Heaven 17 - Night Of The Proms (PDF)
Quellen-URL: "http://www.stuttgart-schwarz.de/inhalt/magazin/interviews/interview-mit-heaven-17-anlaesslich-der-nightproms"
www.stuttgart-schwarz.de August 2009 Diana, Jolly, Dave, Blaues
Interview: Es waren große Zeiten (PDF)
Original URL: "http://www.neuepresse.de/Nachrichten/Kultur/Uebersicht/Es-waren-grosse-Zeiten"
Neue Presse September 2009 Christian Behrens

2008 Magazine Date Author
Interview: Sheffield Style BEAT November 2008 Kurt Gerland

2007 Magazine Date Author

2006 Magazine Date Author

2005 Magazine Date Author
Whatever happened to Heaven 17 Q-Magazine 2005 Darly Easlea
1982 - Ein Jahr uns seine Songs Diskothek der Süddeutschen Zeitung 2005  

2004 Magazine Date Author
PRESS INFO "MADE IN SHEFFIELD" - Mar04 Natalie Jobling

2003 Magazine Date Author
Review: Honeyroot   14Feb03 Volker Büttner
Martyn Ware & Vince Clarke source lost  2003 ? lost

2002 Magazine Date Author

2001 Magazine Date Author

Interview : Martyn Ware about newrelease of collaboration with Vince Clarke   Apr01  
Tour : Daily Express 13Jun2001 about the 80s tour with Heaven 17 Daily Express 13Jun01  
Clarke&Ware - Zwei Doppelleben Musikexpress Jul01  

The Clarke&Ware Experiment Sonic Seducer Jun01  
The Clarke&Ware Experiment Q magazine Aug01  
Review : "We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang" Uncut Magazine Feb01  
Helden und Entgleisungen viertelnachfünf 09Aug01  

2000 Magazine Date Author
Review : "Absolutely" Pop Matters   Geoff Stahl 
Concert Info : Heaven 17 at Suikerrock   29Jul00  

1999 Magazine Date Author
Review : HOW LIVE IS ORKUS Dec99 Colette Stritzke
"Heaven 17 - Trust Us, We're Entertainers" ORKUS Dec99  
Interview : Heaven 17   Dec99 Stefanie Beaumont
Review : "HOW LIVE IS"     Ingo Rädecker
Review : "HOW LIVE IS" Uncut Magazine    
Review : "Live At Last"     Aaron Badgley
Review : "Live At Last"     James Gage

1998 Magazine Date Author
Reviews : "RETOX/DETOX" Usenet 28Jul98  
Review : "RETOX/DETOX"     David Richards
Review : "Bigger than America"     Chaos Control
Review : "Bigger than America" Puls CD-Arkiv   Anders Hvidfeldt
Review : "Bigger than America"     Tom Van Malder
Review : "Retox/Detox"     David Quantick
Review : "Music For Listening To" Daily Digital Opinion Vol1, Issue111 16Feb98   
Review : "RETOX/DETOX" Bodystyler    Rainer Ebirah Zufall
Review : "RETOX/DETOX" HR3   Volker Büttner
Review : "RETOX/DETOX" promo insert   Jul98   
Reviews: "REXTOX/DETOX"   Jul98  
Heaven 17 Retrospektive Zillo Oct98 Dirk Hoffmann
Interview : Interview Bodystyler  May98 Chucky + Ink010110
"Heaven 17" Elektric   Niggels
Kraftwerk To Top London - Electronica Festival In 1998 NME    
Concert review : HEAVEN 17 - LONDON EC1 AQUARIUM NME 01Aug98 Jim Wirth

1997 Magazine Date Author
Newspaper : "Beginning of building work for 'The National Centre For Popular Music' in Sheffield"   Oct1997 David Dunn and Andy Waple
Concert review : "Heaven 17 rocks my world!"      
Interview : Glenn Gregory   Jun97 Melvin Melters
Concert review : Heaven 17 at Cardiff 14Jun1997     Robert Sommerville
Review : "Bigger Than America" Future Music #52 Jan97  Andy Jones
17th Heaven Future Music #52 Jan97  Andy Jones

1996 Magazine Date Author
Politics, Pleasure And Pop WOM Oct96 Christian Stolberg
Review : "Bigger Than America" Stereoplay Oct96  
Review : "Bigger Than America"     Andreas Kötter
Review : "Bigger Than America" Oberösterreichische Nachrichten Soundkiste    
Review : "Bigger Than America" Kreuzer Leipzig Online    
Yuppies waren wir nie - article due to release of "Bigger Than America"      
Heaven 17 – Wiegenlied des Fortschritts SPEX Nov96  
Review : "Bigger Than America"     Jörg Weirich
Review : "Bigger Than America"     Dan LeRoy
Review : "Bigger Than America"     Victor Cooke
Review : "Bigger Than America"     Tracey Grimson
Review : "Bigger Than America"     Chris
Review : "Bigger Than America"     Christopher Juul
Review : "Bigger Than America"     Andrew Harrison
Review : "Bigger Than America"     Dan Gillespie
Review : "Bigger Than America"     Fresh Vibes
New Heaven 17 - Disappointed... - Usenet thread      
Review : "Designing Heaven"     China
Review : "Designing Heaven"     Hiroyuki Mizukami
Review : "Designing Heaven" The Lexicon Issue 2  
Review : "The Best of Heaven 17"     Derek Langsford
Press info : Promo insert "Designing Heaven" Single Germany      

1995 Magazine Date Author

1994 Magazine Date Author

1993 Magazine Date Author
Review : "Higher And Higher: The Best Of Heaven 17"     John Aizlewood
Review : "Fascist Groove Thang" Usenet 18Feb93 Al Crawford
Press info : Penthouse And Pavement(Remix) promo insert   22Mar93  

1992 Magazine Date Author
Review : "Temptation (Brothers In Rhythm Remix)"     Al Crawford

1991 Magazine Date Author
Press info : "Music Of Quality And Distinction Vol. II"      
ELECTRIC SOUL - British Electric Foundation Sound on Sound Jan91 Paul Ireson
Second foundation Music Technology Nov91 Tim Goodyer

1990 Magazine Date Author

1989 Magazine Date Author

1988 Magazine Date Author
Review : "Train Of Love In Motion" Record Mirror 05Nov88 Matthew Collin
Review : "Teddy Bear, Duke, And Psycho by Heaven 17"     Graeme Kay
'Adult Bierholen' SPEX Nov88 Sebastian Zabel
Press info : "THE BALLAD OF GO GO BROWN"      
Review : Teddy Bear Duke & Psycho International Musician and Recording Magazine Dec88 Chris Jenkins
Review : Teddy Bear Duke & Psycho Melody Maker 01Oct1988 Tony Reed
The flukes of hazard Melody Maker 01Oct1988 John Wilde
Heaven 17 or Hillsborough Crew live ? Poster 11Sep1988  

1987 Magazine Date Author

Review : "The Making of HOW MEN ARE" Music Technology Jan87 Tim Goodyer
HEAVEN 17 - Technokraten Pop Fachblatt MusikMagazin Apr87 Steve Lake

Review : "Trouble" SPEX + Record Mirror Jan87 + Feb87 Lesley O'Toole + Lothar Gorris
"Restwiderwillen ? Weg Damit !" SPEX Feb87 Diedrich Diederichsen
Review : Hillsboro' Crew : Steel City SPEX Feb87 Lothar Gorris
OUT OF THEIR LEAGUE Rare Bam #256 24Apr1987 Cary Darling
"ENGLAND IST ZU BLASIERT" Stereoplay May87 Andrea Jonischkies
PRESS INFO "TROUBLE" Virgin Jan87 Virgin

1986 Magazine Date Author
PRESS INFO "Live gig" Virgin 04Nov87 Virgin
Review : "Pleasure One"     Andy Gill
Review : "Contenders" Melody Maker 11Oct86 Simon Reynolds
Heaven 17 - Paradise postponed Melody Maker 11Oct86 Simon Reynolds
Music lexicon : Heaven 17 + Human League Rockmusik Lexikon Europa 1986 Christian Graf
It's Hard In Heaven No1 May 1986 (?) Debbi Voller
Do you remember these men ? Record Mirror 18Oct1986 Robin Smith
The right thing to do Record Mirror 10May1986 Roger Morton
Just seventeen International Musician and Recording Magazine Dec86 Tony Reed

1985 Magazine Date Author
"Gregory's Gossip" Record Mirror 02Feb85 Paul Sexton
HEAVEN 17 SINDY Annual 1985  
Person-2-Person - Martyn Ware No1 1985 (?)  
Person-2-Person - Glenn Gregory No1 1985 (?)  

1984 Magazine Date Author
"Three Wise Men" No1 22Dec84 Ursula Kenny
Heaven 17 - A story in 3 parts Smash Hits 16Aug84 Peter Martin
"De wondere wereld van Heaven 17" Vinyl Oct84 J. Niemoeller
Press info : "SUNSET NOW" German and Japanese      
Reviews : "Sunset Now" Sounds/No1/NME 1984
"Heaven 17 - Ära der Produzenten" SPEX Sep84 Gerald Hündgen
Nachrichten aus der Pop-Fabrik - "How Men Are" MusikSzene Oct84 Karin Aderhold
"Three Steps To Heaven" NME   R.D. Cook
"Heavenly Sunset" No1 25Aug84 Debbi Voller
"The Heaven 17 Menifesto" No1 01Sep84 Max Bell
Yearbook : Heaven 17 Biography Many faces of pop 1984  
HEAVEN 's Waiting Record Mirror 18Aug84 Eleanor Levy
NO WARE TO BE SEEN ?? Record Mirror 25Aug84 Eleanor Levy
Heaven 17: pop'n'soul Rock #82/Nov84 Dominique Guillerm
HEAVEN SENT Girl No.196 10Nov1984
Feels Like Heaven Sounds 11Aug1984  
Are We Not Men ? Sounds 25Aug1984 Carole Linfield 
PRESS INFO "HOW MEN ARE" Virgin 1984 Virgin
LOOK 10 Look10 1984  
Heaven 17 - Al diciassettesimo cielo Ciao 2001 17Apr1984 Francesco Adinolfi
Glenn Gregory - Yeahs and Yeuks No1 March 1984 ?
A Christmas Story ? 1984? ?
A heavenly pin-up No1 22Sep1984 Mike Prior

1983 Magazine Date Author
An Unelectrifying Experience Music World 10Jun1983 Harry George
Glenn Gregory - My brilliant carreer No1 03Sep83  
"room at the top" The Face #43/Nov83 Fiona Russell Powell
Memories from HEAVEN Record Mirror 09Jul83 Simon Tebbutt
HEAVEN 17 Smash Hits   Johnny Black
"HEAVEN sent" Record Mirror   Jim Reid
Heaven 17 faces right Trouser Press   Jon Young
Heaven 17 - Another chapter in "The Rocky Road To The Top" Smash Hits 12May83 Ian Birch
Reviews : "Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry" No1/Smash Hits Sep83 Tom Hilbert & others
"HEAVEN 17 - Die wahren Sozialisten" Scritti Apr83 R.K.i.L.
"HEAVEN 17 - Elektro-Pop" Musikexpress Aug83 Stefan Svoboda
"HEAVEN 17 - Intelligenter Pop zwischen Disco und Politik"     Frank Eyssen
"HEAVEN 17 - Ihre Spur führt ins Musiklabor Bravo #28 1983  
"Height Of The Fighting" Smash Hits Feb83 Red Starr
Review : "The Luxury Gap" Record Mirror Apr83 Jim Reid
Review : "The Luxury Gap" Smash Hits May83 Dave Rimmer
Review : "The Luxury Gap" (US) Trouser Press #89/Sep83 C. McCardell
Review : "The Luxury Gap" Sounds 30Apr83 Dave McCullough
Review : "The Luxury Gap" Flexipop #31/1983  
Review : "The Luxury Gap" Scritti Apr83 Thomas Bork
Review : "The Luxury Gap" Musikexpress Apr83 Harald in Hülsen
Review : "The Luxury Gap"     Marcello Ferrari
Review : "TEMPTATION" Sounds 09Apr83 Gary Bushell
Review : CRUSHED BY THE WHEELS OF INDUSTRY Sounds 03Sep83 Bill Black
HEAVEN or HELL Sounds 23Apr83 Carole Linfield
CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARD No1 21May83 Karen Swayne
Fashion : Glenn Gregory stars as "An Officer And A Gentleman" No1 18Jun83 Debbi Voller
No.1 pop auction No1 10Sep83  
Mr. and Mr. and Mr. No1 10Sep83  
The adventures of Heaven 17 on the wheels of steel Record Mirror 03Sep83 Mike Gardner
BEF presents Heaven 17 + "The Luxury Gap" promo text Virgin promo   Virgin
Heaven can wait Melody Maker 16Apr83 Adam Sweeting
Angelic upstarts Flexipop #31/1983 Collinbourne

1982 Magazine Date Author
Heaven And Hell Flexipop #24 ??? Huw Collingbourne
Eifrige junge Männer Musikexpress Jan82 Harald in Hülsen
You Ware it well Record Mirror 06Nov82 Mark Cooper
"Heaven CAN wait" Smash Hits 18Feb82 Dave Rimmer
"Always something there to remind me" NME 27Mar82 Lynn Hanna
Boardroom shuffle The Face #24/Apr82 Paul Tickell
"HEAVEN 17" Sounds Feb82 Diedrich Diederichsen
'Een spelletje Electro-Pop met HL, H17 OMD' OOR 27Jan82 Paul Evers
HEAVEN 17 New Sounds New Styles April 1982 Phase 2 Issue B Graham K Smith
The sky is the limit KICKS Feb82 Huw Collingbourne

1981 Magazine Date Author
Fan story     J.Scott Elkins
Who Needs It? Record Mirror 18Apr1981 SUNIE
"HEAVEN 17" Travel through desire and demand NME 17Oct81 Ian Penman
'PAVEMENT ARTISTS' Betty Page BEF-riends Heaven 17 Sounds 03Oct81 Betty Page
'HEAVEN17' Smash Hits 17Aug81 Ian Birch
Lost souls in Heaven Sounds 11Apr81  
ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE THANG Sounds 11Apr81 Chris Burkham

1980 ? Magazine Date Author
Fan story     James Gage